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Session 10


"She is literally powered by bad language." - Cort, about Ava

"And bad decisions." - Kelsey, about Ava


"We have a lot of enemies." - Ava


"For this one, you're a girl. For this one, you're a boy. For this one, you're a unicorn. For this one, you're a lamp." - Ariel

"A sexy lamp." - Dawn

"Like the one from A Christmas Story." - Ariel

"I was thinking sacrificial." - Austin

"LAMP not lamb. God, Austin, you need to clean your ears." - Dawn


"Do I have another rose that runs around and asphyxiates them?" - Ariel

"You're not allowed to garden any more." - Cort


"Did her dad and Dmitri kill each other?" - Meridian

"I think she'd be crying, or there'd be more blood on her from avenging ... one of them." - Ava


"How does this even work?" - Greg (NPC)

"You open the door, it stays cold because it's plugged in." - Meridian


"I am a big fan of recreational vengeance." - Rowan


"Persephone. You are happy with who you are, yes?" - Leo

"Fuck yes!" - Seph

"That says a lot." - Dawn



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