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Fan Art

Page history last edited by Ariel Alian 4 years, 5 months ago

The page where one puts all their fan art at! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


By Ariel:



Seph's Mask and Mien

Seph Expressions 1

Seph Expressions 2


Blushing Seph Expressions

Seph, ready for a fight

Seph being taken by Hades

Seph and Dmitri cuddles~

Chibi Seph with Rose Orpheus 


Angry Crying

Flower Crown~

Persephone in the Underworld




All the PC's (plus Dmitri) as Toons



NPC's and Misc.

Orpheus doodle

Orpheus headshot portrait

Another Orpheus Doodle, I hate how easy this guy is to draw for me

More Orpheus, ugh 

Werewolf-Changeling baby!

Toon Orpheus

Orpheus Expressions doodles

Orpheus Portrait

Concept of Rose Orpheus 

You're A What [Page 1] [Page 2]

Toon Diego

Toon Liz

Toon Leo

Toon Hades

Chibi Orpheus



Toon Joanna

Toon Candy

Toon Geoffrey

Toon Georgina

Possible Mask of Hades?

Acacia, "Rose Son"

Dark King Orpheus

A What If Family Portrait of Seph, Orpheus and Acacia

Quick Acacia portrait doodle




(Yeah, there's fanfic now)


Persepheus (OrpheusxPersephone)



By Kels: 



Concept Sketch 1

Concept Sketch 2

Concept Sketch 3

Concept Sketch 4

Concept Sketch 5

The Fool: Ava

I am not what I was

More fae concept scribbles

Finalized back design

Younger Ava & Leo

Chibi Ava & The Opener of Ways

Curbside with OW



Holding the Opener of Ways



(He'll be in his bunk)



Princess hair

Persephone and Dmitri watch the Star Wars Christmas Special



Kill or be killed

Rowan and Liz



Team humanform concepts


NPCs & Misc


Knight of Swords: Diego

Six of Swords: Benji

Three of Swords: Leofric

Diego (1980's edition)



Parent of The Year (1982, feat Diego, Benji, tiny!Ava): Page 1, Page 2


Diego's Fae Form

Liz Wickham

More Fae!Diego



Comments (2)

bucketmouse said

at 1:49 pm on Sep 9, 2016

Is it really fanart though? I mean we're in the game I think it counts as official art...

Ariel Alian said

at 8:09 pm on Sep 9, 2016

That's very true.

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