Final Quotes

“Fuck you. Strong letter to follow.” - Kelsey, about Jothern


“I'm having a discussion with the clinic dogs about motherhood.” - Mi-ok


“So Mi-ok still talking to the dogs?” - Jeremy

“Still being creepy? Alright moving the camera.” - Kelsey


“I've only known happy Kelsey.” - Cort

“Yay the meds are working!” - Kelsey


“OnceAndFuture12.” - Jeremy about Leo's accounts name on a dating app

“*disgusting noise*” - Everyone


“You won't sell her out to the Duke will you?” - Rowan

“*sigh* I'll be her true friend not her mother.” - Mi-ok


“*Cort rerolls a die three times and gets three tens in a row, then an eight, amazing*”


“Well he's not an active threat so… if you wanna kill him that's on you.”- Steve

“*shoots the autumn changeling*” - Meridian