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Session 25

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Team Mi-ok, Ava, Persephone, and Rowan.


Mi-Ok has been in the hedge. Yes, this whole time. Apparently she had to drag her daughter in with her to save her and … uh … it … went badly… her daughter got seperated.


While searching for her, there’s a steady rumble coming nearby, the sounds of twigs snapping.


Mi-ok prances stealthily in that direction to try and see what’s going on.


Out of the brambly underbrush, a steamroller comes through with four tiny people trying to steer the steering wheel as it goes by. It cuts through the path and continues on. In their wake, there’s just flower petals growing out of the ground. They smell beautiful. As she is bent over, someone strokes her mane. (“Bad touch.” in unison from Ariel and Kels)


Surprise surprise, it’s the Duke. (No one was surprised)


He’s pleased to see her, as he’s on his way to deliver a missive and she’s a recipient adjacent. Persephone had asked for directions, and so he complied. Snapping his fingers at his entourage of various lesser fae and changelings, Orpheus is the one who brings forward a heavy tome to pass to him. The Duke also has her daughter safe and unharmed though he asks if she wants any changes. Mi-ok considers this. She actually goes for the Duke exchanging her eyes with a fairies’.


It’s horrific.


The Duke trusts Mi-ok to deliver the message and continues on, leaving her with her now clarity lost daughter with her brand new eyes. Orpheus passes her and gives her a flat look but says nothing. Mi-ok exits the hedge with the directions of a singing frog that the Duke left her to help her find her way out. The song serenades her on the way.


The gate looks like a bathroom stall door. She opens it.


There’s the sound of children in the room. The frog came with, and is still singing. The kids stop talking and come to investigate. Mi-Ok asks where she is. They tell her she’s in Camp Melkwa. When Mi-Ok asks if there’s a public phone nearby and they don’t understand, asking if she means the office phone. She is in Oregon, with the closest city being Bend. She is eventually approached by a perky woman in khaki shorts who directs her to the office building and gets her the phone.


Mi-ok calls Rowan and brings up the Murder Room urban legend of the camp. Rowan calls Denise from the Columbia Freehold to ask her about it. Denise says they’re monitoring it. She offers to have someone go get Mi-Ok to put her on a train and we can pick her up from there.


A creepy Solomon Grundy style guy shows up who is giant and freaky as shit. It freaks out Becky, the poor Camp Counselor. He’s Owen. There’s also a creepy beastman who ‘goes to check the pipes’. Mi-Ok tells him about the fake underworld disneyland while he tells her about the legend of the Murder Room. Standard urban legend faire - a kid went in there once and never came back out. And when something finally did show up there was just blood and teeth and they weren’t his teeth!


The ride goes uneventful otherwise.


Back at the ranch, Persephone calls her dad. Ugh.


He says he was rescuing Dmitri from a bad situation. Persephone says we were trying to do that. He says he now has his daughter back so Dmitri doesn’t need to follow an imposter anymore. Persephone hangs up and calls Kory, getting a sleepy dude first and then the phone is passed over to Kory, who is actually doing awesome. She’s in a little fishing village and met this great guy. Living her Mama Mia life. So whoever Zerxes has, it’s not her.


Persephone calls Zerxes back who assumes she was doing sneaky fae things. He clearly no longer thinks she’s his daughter. Someone named “Michael” who is a friend of his (‘friend’) apparently told Zerxes that Persephone was an imposter all along and hiding his true daughter away, and that Dmitri was married to his daughter… ?


Yeah, it’s complicated.mp3


Persephone tries to explain the whole deal with Clementine but it’s really messed up so she isn’t able to get it across, eventually ending with both of them being frustrated and hanging up. The name Michael doesn’t ring any bells for werewolf Rachel. Rowan calls Jorthorn. No dice there. Rowan calls Ganymede next.


Ava checks in on Leo and Diego. Diego is reading this book called Unnatural about two brothers who travel across the country and save people… Ava introduces him to Fanfiction.


Ganymede asks Rowan about snakes. Rowan advises him and tells him about Michael asking if Ganymede knows anything. He doesn’t but he’s willing to check it out for shits and or giggles, though he’s putting it on their tab.


Persephone calls the number for Clementine several times, eventually managing to get ahold of her. Clementine asks if she’s calling to gloat. Persephone explains the situation to Clementine asking for more info since it seems like it’s up her alley. She asks again if Persephone is calling to gloat, saying she knows Persephone has allied herself with the Aswadim. (Jorthorn)


Ava takes the phone from Persephone and leads her on a chase around the vet office, telling Clementine that they had no idea what is going on, any fucking over is not intentional, help us help us please help us. Clementine isn’t really interested in helping if that’s true but Ava gets through their sincerity.


Eventually Mi-Ok comes back with her daughter in tow and a singing frog. After some harassment the party gets out what happened. Ava checks out of the conversation and gets Mi-Ok’s daughter, Jessica Jones, upstairs and to her place to get away from the shouting. She warns Jess about Leo so she doesn’t freak, but Leo points out that her eyes are broadcasting to SOMEWHERE. Ava offers to contact someone for Jess, and Alice is on her list of contacts. Ava offers to call Alice. She does, gives her the skinny on what’s going on, Alice says she’ll come by. Leo goes to get a briefcase of supplies from the Hollow and returns to do something to try to block the broadcasting. Ava sings Selena Gomez for Jess to help calm her down while the party argues downstairs. While Jessica can now see the true forms of Changelings Ava is at least not horrific.


Persephone comes upstairs to ask Ava to ask Benji about Michael and she gets five potential hits which she forwards to the party. Four werewolves, one … unknown. Pay dirt. Ava asks if there’s confirmation that he’s currently in Saint Louis, or of he could be in Seattle. That will require more field work.


The others go to the Goblin Market to see what they can get for a singing frog while Ava stays behind and waits for Alice.


This was a bad idea as they end up trading the singing frog for a baby hydra, named Haley.


Alice arrives, and Jess is no longer whimpering so we’re gonna count that as a win. Ava warns Alice about the broadcasting eyes and that a block gave her what seemed like pain, so we were just trying to keep her away from anything that she could see that could be harmful. After playing phone tag she finds out that Benji has some safehouses through ARC in some suburban areas. Jess likes that option and Alice encourages it. She makes plans to have Benji come pick up Jess and puts her number in Jess’s phone.


That’s when everyone else gets home so we all exchange information. Since we get a picture of Michael from Steak and Shake that means he’s probably in Saint Louis.


The pass off with Jess goes well and we decide to go to Saint Louis through the Hedge. It’s the party (Mi-Ok, Rowan, Ava, and Persephone) as well as a shit ton of NPCs (The Remington Brothers, Diego, Morgan, Leo, and Carrie). Leo goes into the Hedge to call a ride, which is like a flying pleasure boat with an inhuman band playing. Ava yells “SWEET!” and teaches the band more modern music.


We make it to Lawrence, Kansas, where the Remington Brothers and Morgan and Diego were gonna road trip to anyway to find the author of the book series about their life. Erwan Naturehaze. We find his house and Ava knocks, saying they’re fans. The door opens ominously. Something is very Wrong here. Ava can sense there’s something wrong, and Morgan senses something VERY wrong. He implies whatever this is, it’s way way bigger. Ava tries to reason that there’s ten of us, we can take whatever it is! They’re beckoned inside, Morgan by name.


Ava plays “Riches and Wonder” by the Mountain Goats. How bad can this be? It’s still not the worst decision made in this game so far.


The voice inside says it understands how she got Morgan on their side. Maybe this was the wrong song.


The voice admits people who find the place and come in are ‘processed for fuel’. Creepy. It asks if they want to see a face and a strange dusty … person… comes out from the wall. He tries to touch Ava’s cheek and says he’ll have to find use for her, and gets on Dan’s case for not being a Hunter anymore, saying that there’s a Plan. The ground shakes. We get the fuck out of there and a sinkhole opens up under the house.


Magical mystery tour bus moves on to Saint Louis. We meet up with Louis, our contact in the city, to meet up with the summer king afterwards. Once we get there and meet the king it turns out that Louis knows this Michael. He knows he’s an occultist of some kind. We have a lovely breakfast while we wait for our meetup time with Michael. He is in the park feeding pigeons and watching kids play. Creepy.


He can get us Zerxes address but claims to not be the Michael who is his dear and truest friend as he doesn’t think Zerxes even knows who he is. Ava gets a weird vibe off of him in the sense of Jessica the Mage feeling like Arcadia, this guy feels like werewolves but not. Ava texts Geoffrey to ask what realm werewolves are associated with. He suggests Shaman. Ava sends that info to Benji because she’s a  good employee.


Along with information, Michael offers several drugs as a first time customer for Rowan, but they pass up. He offered more esoteric drugs too which includes powdered true fae… rowan gets his number in case they come into some true fae.


Having Zerxes’ address and getting that the whole neighborhood is on watchish, spirits etc, we decide that Team Hunter will go in acting as Feds mainly to act as a distraction. Meanwhile, Super Stealth Diego is going to infiltrate to even see if Dmitri is in there in the first place, along with Copy Persephone. Dogs starts barking suddenly, even though there’s no sirens around. Apparently the stealth stuff doesn’t cover scent as well.


He does find Dmitri as well as Zerxes and some upper crust snobby werewolf peoples. They’re talking to Persephone but like… there’s no one there. So there’s some illusionary shit going on. Diego decides the best way to get Dmitri out of there is to yank his ass through the hedge. So he does that. And sets off some kind of bomb as a distraction inside. There’s an explosion, and people start getting wary, so we bug out to meet at Shambala. Dan notices ghost cats.


Diego and Dmitri don’t return even when time passes, so a worried Seph and Ava want to go look. Leo says he’ll go, and Rowan suggests he takes the girls so no one is alone.


Which turns out to be a good thing since there’s servitors of the King in Yellow in the hedge, just kind of … watching. Night Gaunts. Some fly off and see us while others follow. We manage to find five of them circling an unconscious Dmitri who is missing the leg below the knee which isn’t healing like it should, and Diego on the ground like there’s some barrier between them. Cold iron shavings. Nice. We shoo the Night Gaunts away, bug out, text Louis that we’re out of there. At the tour bus, there’s an invitation to dinner from the King in Yellow for Leo… yeah no. We head back to Seattle.

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