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Quotes 25


GM:  "If you want to include them, you can include them, but you're not getting Josie.  Not at full power anyway"  speaking of last game on 


Mi-Ok:  "I probably had a good intention.... (explaining why she brought her daughter into the hedge)."


GM;  "There is a steady rumble coming in your direction."

OOC Kelsey:  "It's a tank!  Because the fucking angels are still at large!"

Mary:  "I will prance in that direction stealth


Chant from room as unicorn is petted:  "bad touch!"

Mi-ok:  "Where is Meridian?"

TWD:  "This is not about Meridian, this about Persephone, she asked for directions and I compiled directions for her!"


TWD:  "I am not Hades, I don't keep these things lingering around."


MI-ok on her daughter:  "I'll take the eyes." Offered so that her daughter can see fae.

Everyone:  "WHAT????"


Mi-ok:  "Meridan always talks about kind keepers, it didn't go down like that."

Dawn:  "Meridan lies!"

Gm:  "To be fair, Meridan would have been all right with that."


Mi-Ok:  "Is there a public telephone around??"

Kelsey:  "You're not in the 90s anymore!"


"You gave a few of the kids a scare that bathroom has a bit of an urban legend scare about it."   Becky

"My daughter and I had a bit of an accident."  Mi-ok.

"How did you end in the bathroom of all places?" Becky

"I could tell you, but you wouldn't believe me."  Mi-Ok.


Rowan:  "Go ahead and gas up the car, but I will call and let them know there is something bizarre."

Rowan:  "Hi is this Denise?"

Denise:  "Depends is who is asking?"

Rowan:  "Rowan, hi, one of our friends is in a camp and they have an urban legend about a Murder Room do you know anything about it?"

Denise:  "We're monitoring it, but we don't know a lot about it.  Does she need a ride?"

Rowan:  "Yeah, just go get her and put her on a train.  I'll let her know that is the plan."


Becky whimpers after listening to Mi-ok on the phone, she's reading a copy of "Unnatural".


Mitch:  "I'm working out, I'm going to get pecks just like that Pratt guy." before walking off to check the bathroom with his scythe.


In Seattle


Persephone:  "what have you done with Dimitri?"

Xerxes:  "I have rescued him from a bad decision?"

Persephone:  "That's what we were trying to do?"

Xerxes:  "He doesn't need some faeries."



Persephone:  "Yes, hi?  Sorry, is this Corry's phone?"

Corry  "Hello?"

Persephone:  "Do you know about Xerxes?"

Corry:  "That's your father right?"

Persephone:  "That's your father right?"

Corry:  "I'm in this little fishing village right now, I met this really great guy."

Persephone:  "You're all right?"

"Yeah.  You want me to come back?"

Persephone:  "No!  Stay where you are.  I want you to be happy and safe where you are."


Xerxes:  "I assume you are making some type of special arrangements with your faerie allies."

Persephone:  "I want to know what you are talking about with your daughter?"

Xerxes:  "I understand you are a trickster.  You fooled so many people.  You replaced my daughter and hid her away.  Attacking everyone you've ever known."

Persephone.  "No!  That is not what happened!  Where did you get that information."

Xerxes:   "Michael, the truest friend I've ever had."

Persephone:  "I'm not attacking anyone.   Or replacing anyone."

Xerxes:  "My daughter has her husband back and we will replace Father Wolf."

Persephone:  "What?? Who is her husband?"

Xerxes:  "Dmitri."

Persephone:  "You realize that everything that is going on it's Clementine's fault?"

Xerxes:  "You're saying that everything that is going on is a mage's fault?"


Persephone:  "How do you know that Michael is not tricking you?"

Xerxes:  "He is the truest friend that I have ever known."


Rowan:  "Anyway, I just wanted to know if the name Michael jumped out at you?  Also Clementine might be up to more bullshit."


Persephone:  "We're not leaving Dmitri in that situation."


Diego is reading Unnatural:  "It's about these two brothers, traveling the country, saving people, hunting things, it's the family business.  They have the same names as those two other guys:  Dan and Steve Remington.  Is it wrong that I really want to see that them have sex with each other?"  

Ava:  "Well, it's fiction,.  Let me see it?"  She looks over the book.  "And no, there's this thing called fan fiction."  She pulls it up on the computer for Diego.


Rowan:  "Are you asking advice or a gift?"

Ganymede:  "Advice, advice, advice, or a gift.  Snakes."

Rowan:  "Snakes are very easy, but you have to feed them live mice.  But that isn't why I called you, are you familiar with Xerxes very good friend Michael who who is his new bff.  Did he tell you that he has a new Persephone that is married to Dmitri?"

Ganymede:  "No I feel very bad, Dmitri didn't tell me anything."

Rowan:  "Go think long and hard about getting a snake and work your little legs and start getting some information. "

Ganymede:  "Okay, I'll add it to your tab."

Rowan:  "Tab, how about I let you live."

Ganymede:  "Not a good motivator, vampires do it all the time but it doesn't actually inspire you to do anything....but anyway, I'll do some working of legs.  Toodles."


Clementine:  "Are you calling to gloat?"

Persephone:  "I actually want to get in touch with you? This is going to sound like a little bit of a dumb question, maybe a lot of dumb question,.  Do you know someone named Michael who is bestiies with Xerxes?"

Clementine:  "Is that who your ally is?"

Persephone:  "No there is another me that is married to my boyfriend."

Clementine:  "I know you are trying to subvert my plans and I solute you for your efforts, but really this your ploy?  after all that effort this is what you do?"

Persephone:  "I'm confused after all these plots, there is another me out there making plots.  I'm doing this."

Clementine:  "I had arranged to make as many werewolves as I could to die because they owe me a reckoning."


Ava takes the phone:  "Hey Clementine, what's up?"

Clementine: "I feel like I should be insulted that this is what is messing up my years of scheming."

Ava:  "I feel like I should explain that we, as a group have no idea what we are doing, we are just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.  We are phone tree everyone that MIGHT have a clue what is happening.  If it makes you feel better we figure that knowing what is going on might fuck over xerxes."

Persephone shouting:  "I just want my boyfriend back!!"

Clementine:  "I'm not going to say anything because I feel like saying anything might undermine my efforts to stop it."

Ava:  "I gotta ask is there anything I can say or do to convince you to help us out?"

Clementine:  "you want to help to get back on track with the death of hundreds of werewolves and hundreds and thousands of humans?"

Ava:  "That's your plan????"



Beloved Persephone, these are the directions to the Arena so we can properly discuss your breeding.  The Duke of Windswept Blossoms. XOXO. 


Mi-ok:  "We can release the hounds of war."

Rowan:  "We don't have any hounds of war."


Dan:  "Are you arguing with me about a ruguroo too?"

Rowan:  "So let's say that they ate human flesh and stopped is that a rugaroo?"

Dan:  "No."

Rowan: "Then let's go on.  Do you know anyone called Michael?  We're looking for someone called Michael.  He's with Xerxes."

Dan: "Who is Xerxes?"

Rowan:  "He's Persephone's dad, he's a werewolf, he's an asshole from St. Louis ways.  He replaced Persephone and kidnapped Dmitri. "

Dan:  "Oh he ran me and my brother out of St. Louis."

Rowan:  "Do you know anything about this Michael guy.   You know a lot about supernatural things, don't you?"

Dan:  "Yes, I know a lot about the supernatural.   Do you want anyone named Michael or anything specific?"

"So there are books about you are they any good?"  Rowan

Dan "Fucking Diego, I only found out about five minutes ago, I don't know.  Did you know there is slash on the internet on us--you can tell butlover52 that it's not anatomically possible for one of us to get pregnant.  Not sure where he gets it."

"I'm pretty sure that most of the people on those sites are 14 year old girls."  Rowan

Dan:  "Sorry for making gendered assumptions.  They shouldn't assume it's anatomically possible."


(In the Impala baby...) Kelsey finishing the list of real slash names off a fan site for Winchester slash.


Ariel:  "Because Meridian wants to use a Iron Dildo on the Duke..."

Dawn:  "I thought that he'd moved on to Iron Anal beads but either way..."

Ariel "moving on.."


Goblin market:  


"Hello Darling, do you want a right hand of doom?? Cut off your old hand, priced to move, makes you the queen of hell."

Persephone:  "I already was the queen of hell."

"Well, it might be a different hell."


"Looking to by a Hydra??"

"How much?"


Rowan:  "Basically calling you about Michael who was a guy from St. Louis who has some type of mind control but we have a picture and some information now."

Liz:  "The Prince of St. Louis has some mind control, but I wouldn't call her a Michael."


Alice:  "I don't know what the fuck to do about it.  We have places to keep people who have been affected by extra planer entities."

Ava: "When you say keep them there do you mean do you mean a safe house or what?'

Alice:  "I mean top secret government hospitals used to study the effects on the people and attempt to return them to normal."

Ava:  "Jess what do you think about that?"

Jess:  "I don't want to be in a cage."

Alice:  "I don't think there are cages.  It's top secret so it's very secure facilities."

Ava:  "Can't you make it any nicer??"

Alice:  "It's a government facility."

Ava: "Would you mind if I check another option in the private facility?"

Alice:  "I believe the terms of my oath would encourage me to do that."

Ava:  "Jess I'm going to check something out, just chill out and I'm going to look into something."

Jess:  "Ok."


Ava:  "I think she's ok to be moved, I brought her upstairs to be moved.  I brought her upstairs because the others were yelling.  Along with her eyes broadcasting somewhere, she can see fae for what we are."

Benji:  "Ok."


Ava:  "Benji is coming over.  It's complicated, but he's basically my big brother's husband."

Jess:  "ok."

Ava:  "He's going to figure out who is seeing through your eyes."

Jess:  "There are people seeing through my eyes??"

Ava:  "Maybe, not sure, he's going to find out.  It'll be ok.  We can figure it out.  It's ok.  Alice do you want to wait?"

Alice:  "Sure, I can meet Benji."

Ava:  "Yay!  You can meet Benji!"


Benji and Alice have a stare off.

Ava:  "Benji this is Alice.  Alice this is Benji!"

Benji: "Pleasure."

Alice:  "Pleasure as well."

Ava:  "Jess this is Benji.  Benji this is Benji. Text me when you get there so I know you arrive all right."

Jess;  "ok."


Diego:  "Does anyone know anything about Lawrence Kansas?"

Everyone: "What??"

Diego:  "It's where the author lives, we're going to go find him.  I get to ride the Remington Muscle Car."

Ava:  "You're going on a road trip with the Remington's?  Take protection!"

Diego:  "Trojans all the way!"

Ava:  "I don't need to know your brand!"

Diego:  "I'm not using a crappy vending machine brand."


Rowan at strange music outside the hallow:  "Is this your doing" to Leo.

Leo:  "Yeah, I called a ride."

Ava:  "Do you know ABBA?"  She starts teaching them pop tunes.  She spends a couple hours teaching them pop tunes, assorted pop tunes including Fernando.


"There is a Dmitri to rescue.  We're willing to help you guys, if you help us."  Rowan.

Dan:  "Totally."


Mi-Ok:  "I bet he sees us coming."

Ava goes and knocks.  "Is this Erwin Naturehaze."  She holds up the book.


"Well played changeling."  Said after Ava starts singing.  "I can see how you influenced Morgan."

Ava:  "We were looking for the person who was writing the books?"  

Guy at the door: "It fits into the larger plan."

Ava:  "Do we get to talk to the author or what?"

Someone from inside shuffles forward, looking fond of Ava and a little bit stoned.  "Hello."  She has a creepy stalker now.

Ava:  "Good meeting you."

Author:  "It's a shame about what happened with Dan.  It's harder to finish the story since he retired."

Ava:  "It's a shame, you can write fan-fiction."


Rowan:  "Morgan did you know it would be a robot-dude?"

Morgan:  "No but it makes sense."

Rowan:  "Lets think about it going in, is there any chance that Michael is a robot."


Dan: "I've died before."

Rowan:  "how did that work out for you."

Dan:  "The murder crow thinks it is fine."

Ava: "Do you think you can get another one out of that?"

Dan: "I've got at least /three/ out of the murder crow."

Ava:  "Well okay then."


Ava knocks on the door.


Ava: "Nice button."

"I"m Lewis."

Rowan introduces everyone.

"Pleasure to meet you."  Lewis.

Rowan sends the NPCS for coffee.

"Don't come in, I don't have furniture."  Lewis.

Ava "We don't have to come in."


Persephone:  "I am Persephone, I am a courier of the Summer court of the Evergreen freehold.  We're looking for someone that might be causing a bit of a problem for us."

Summer king:of St. Louis  "All the way out here?  I guess we really are the Gate Way of the West."

Persephone:  "He seems to be able to make a copy of myself, someone that is just like me but isn't my fetch."

Summer King:  "I'm not aware of the werewolves, they stay on their side we stay on ours."



Rowan passes on drugs.  "No, I'm good."  She says  "As one profession to another, would you be interested in buying if we get our hands on a true fae?."

"Fuck yes.  I'd be interesting in selling, not smoking.  I'm a professional."


Dawn:  We have a plan.  We made plans!



GM:  "Saggy Susan smells like entropy.  The smell is pervasive through the area."

Dawn:  "What that's not the same as EVIL???"



GM:  IT's 5:30

Dawn:  "At least we'll probably get Dmitri out."


Barista:  "Hi." Tag:  Horn if you are Honkey, 

Coffee is gotten.

Barista: "Officially the health board won't let me have cats in here, but I'll turn a blind eye."

Rowan"  Thanks dude, we will tip well."

Persephone:  "20% at least."

Rowan.  "More than that he's letting my cat in."

Dan comes in with a what the fuck vibe.

Ava scoots toward Dan.

Barista hands a fluffy white cat to Dan.


"Servitors of the king of yellow they like to capture prey and tickle them to death."

Persephone:  "We definitely need to stick together we need to find Diego and hopefully Dmitri too."


GM:  "You do find a spot where you find 5 of them crouched around Diego and an unconscious Dmitri."

Ava shoots one.

Diego:  "Hey guys."

Ava:  "We were a little worried."

Diego:  "These guys were really persistent."

Persephone:  "I have a cold iron dagger on me."

Dan:  "We got backup here."









































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