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Session 23

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Thursday July 2nd, 2015


So everyone is kinda waking up, getting stuff and whatever at various abodes.

Someone is knocking at the clinic door, Jacob trying to peek on who it is. It’s a guy in a suit. He knocks a few time then calls up Rowan. Jacob eventually goes to Meridian’s to try and get him and tell him about the suit man.  

Rowan gets a call, it’s someone trying to reach Jacob. His name is Jason Roderick. He’s a lawyer for a client, and Jacob has been named in someone’s will and and everything is going to Jacob. Rowan is on the way. Rowan tries to see of getting a paper of stating a legal guardian and has Meridian do it. He calls up Spring to let them know. Apparently Spring has to say there’s a strange lady preacher hanging out in front of Spring’s spa. Rowan notices a parked car in front off Meridian’s house. Someone trying to look inconspicuous watching the house. Meridian texts Seph to see if she’s up for some possible asskicking. Rowan goes to meet with Jason Roderick.

Seph gets a note under her door, black paper with silver ink in lovely calligraphy. It’s a dinner invitation from ‘The Council of Death’ at the Sarinto Hotel in the Dunbar Room. Seph gets the information from the hotel on who the host is, a Mr. Death apparently, and she gets his number and gives him a call. She gets a woman’s voice over the phone and gets some deets. Apparently it’s something of importance. Seph says she’ll be there and can bring a date (she’ll bring Rowan). She then gets on over to Meridian’s.

Rowan meeting Jason at the clinic. Jason opens up the briefcase and has all kinds of paperwork. Jacob also meets Jason. Apparently Clarence left Jacob everything. Money (which is being disputed with the rest of the Johnson family), a house, and such. Jason can leave the keys to the house and paperwork. Time to go through the paperwork with a fine tooth comb. Seph tells Rowan about the dinner with the Council of Death and if they wanna come along. With that covered Seph goes to Meridian’s to see if she can borrow something for that evening. Rowan is so far not finding anything truly suspicious in the paperwork. he house is located on First Hill.

Meridian goes out to meet the person that’s been watching from the car. The person is a woman. She tries to say she’s a real estate agent and wants to the house. Meridian says try again, asks for her card. Meridian brings her up for coffee. Meridian is pretty much going to break the woman to get her to talk. Meridian is showing her everything and talking her ear off. She knows about Dan and Steve and has been concerned about him. She really should have said this from the get gho and saved them two hours. Her name is Carrie. Seph is there and tells Meridian about needing attire for the dinner. They will get that arranged after dealing with the preacher. Meridian and Seph head off to the spa. Meridian and Rowan try looking up this Council of Death. They don’t really come up with anything.

Meridian and Seph arrive at the spa. The woman is an african woman, talking about this Lord and this is spot they fell. This has to do with Ava making Morgan blow up with the power of rock. Seph catches glimpses of a mark on her back. The woman accuses Meridian as being one of the Devil’s agent. Apparently she has the Sight. This really probably is fine, in like the woman isn't that dangerous. The woman lifts up her shirt. She has something on her back like Ava does. Wing shaped hole but ribs are iron with a raven inside her ribs. Meridian calls up the Spring Seneschal to let them know what’s going on with this preacher. So they kind of have Ava’s powers, but kind of corrupted. Seph had texted Morgan about the whole preacher thing. Seph has Meridian join in on the conversation. Morgan says she might be in danger. And that she may have been glitched and corrupted because of what happened with Morgan falling, that being so close to the God Machine's power made her like this. She may be recruited or grafted to help the God Machine. We will try to figure a way to get her fixed. We see about getting Morgan over to get her someplace safe. Morgan and Dan show up eventually. When the woman sees Morgan she starts going praise the lord and drawing a crowd, and making Morgan real uncomfortable. Meridian tries to see of getting the people to back off. They get the woman get into the car and Seph is going with. They’re off to Kent.

Rowan finishes up the paperwork. Rowan tries to find an obituary for Clarence.As well as looking up the firm that Jason Roderick is a part of, if they’re into shady shit or even with the Winter Queen. Rowan calls up a law office to get Clarence’s death certificate. They’re able to get it. Candace Hubbard signed off  on the death certificate of Clarence. Trying to do more digging on if there’s significance of Candace signing off on Clarence’s certificate and if there’s other changelings. They do find a changeling kinda associated. They’re a part of the Winter Court and live out in the boonies. Gonna see if they can get in contact with them about this whole Clarence thing. Rowan also asks Annie from the Winter court about the law firm and apparently they deal with supernatural shit a lot and are kind of a trap. And Candace is a loyalist of sorts. Jadis has a mortal alias as Jadis Smith and the law firm does have Smith as part of the name. So there may be a possible connection. Rowan gets a phone number for the changeling that Candace was connected to, Ziska Garhart. Rowan has to leave a message and see if they can get a call back. Basically it seems like some weird shit is going down in Aberdeen.

We get to this rundown apartment in Kent. Get out of the car and get the woman out. Meridian eventually arrives as well, and get up to this apartment and knock. A guy with a receding hairline and an 80’s mustache. It’s the teacher demon that Morgan met with before, named Tim. im and Morgan are talking a bit. Some exasperation about what to do with the woman, and they eventually just leave the woman with Tim. Meridian tells Dan about Carrie looking for him, and Meridian gets it so Dan and Carrie can talk to each other now. With that all done, Seph and Meridian get back to Seattle and Seph gets all dressed up. Then once Seph has her outfit on, she and Rowan will go off to the Sarinto Hotel. Staff escorts Seph and Rowan up to the dining room and they’re told staff can’t go in. They go in, there are six people there. We recognize Haros, the grim reaper type that Meridian slept with. There’s a south asian woman, eastern asian man, a middle eastern man and two white guys. Aparajita, the south asian woman, introduces herself to Seph and Rowan. The others are: Anwp is the middle eastern man, Kai Lee is the east asian man, rich white man Reverend Jason Danuser, Sir Weldon Payton is the white nerdy professor type. Get some food and sit down. Seph asks them what this is about. Anwp says they’re a council of aspects of death, from different idioms. They are agents of these various death deities and try to keep in touch of what’s going on in the world because these deities can’t access it. Aparajita is loosely connected to Clementine and has heard how she wants to bring Saggy Susan to this area. They also say Seph has connections to Hades and Saggy Susan. They offer to help in making sure this doesn’t happen. They can try to see if Clementine has broken any codes. As well is if they can do anything to get the werewolves to not kill each other. And noooot really. Get that they each all serve various powers. Underworld beings, mages, werewolves, “Satan”, the archangel Gabriel, and Haros of course serves Orthos. Discuss a bit of what can be done about the whole situation of Saggy Susan but not able to draw upon a concise solution. We get an email address from them that they all have access to so we can contact them when we get a better idea of what exactly they can do to help with the problem. Seph and Rowan head out and Seph gets a text from Rachel that Dmitri, or at least his card, was used at an ATM in Elma. He may be heading to Aberdeen and Rowan said that some bad shit be happening there since Clarence’s death certificate was filed there and that’s sketchy. Seph said if Rachel and them are going that way she will go with, but apparently not because they have other problems. But man is Seph concerned.

Meridian is basically just chilling at home. Seph and Rowan get to Meridian’s house. We all get ready to go to Jacob’s soon to be house and arrive. It’s a slightly shabby looking two story house. Someone is heading on over to meet them and Meridian meets them. Shelly Johnson is her name apparently wants the house for herself. She’s of course mad about supposedly Jacob being a nobody showing up on the family tree. Meridian tries talking her down, and she’s being insulting to Rowan and Seph. She calls Seph chubby and Seph punches her hard enough to knock her on her ass. Shelly leaves threatening to call her lawyer. We all go into the house. Seph picks open the lock and goes in. She gets hit by a pendulum trap and barely gets out of the way but still gets hit. Group starts looking for traps. There’s a lot. (Quote Meridian: I only have one heal. Rowan: No you have two! (it’s in reference to the fact Meridian stole one of Shelly’s heels and is carrying it around.)) There’s a room full of mannequins. Creepy. Still exploring the house. All kinds of creepy stuff. Basically what you’d imagine to be in a serial killer’s house. Barbie crucified with a nail in her crotch sorta thing. Meridian finds the attic. Apparently there is a murder doll in the attic. Something ambushes Seph and stabs at her. It's the aforementioned murder doll. Seph sliced at it and sent it flying. They all look and the doll has disappeared. There are heater grates around that it could fit into. Awesome. We’ve all seen this movie. Meridian finds under the floorboards a taxidermied lemur with a human vagina sewed onto its chest. Immediately the group thinks of what this can get at the goblin market. I mean, we got some magic armor from a bunch of dicks, what could a morbid art sculpture get us? The possibilities! And then cut to us going into the basement. Shitty steps going down and there’s a recent wall put up with a heavy wooden door that’s padlocked. Seph gets it unlocked and we find basically the torture room. A table, cages, and such. There is a woman, still alive and naked in a dog kennel. She of course begs us to help her. Meridian grabs some fingers and toes for the goblin market. We help the lady. Her name is Margaret Sebastian. Rowan helps her out of the house and calls 911. Meridian gets the trap door open. There are stone steps that go down. There’s a chill that comes up, and there’s some various body parts on the steps, including a dick. +1 dick added to inventory. Seph buffs up in case she's gotta fight shit then she, Meridian and Jacob go on down. It goes down a long ways. It gets colder as we go down, frost and see our breath. There are something growing like icicles that break like sugar. That seems to be a cue we may be getting close to Arcadia. We all agree that we're probably not prepared for storming Jadis's kingdom, so back up we go. Something asks that it hasn’t been fed, wants us to free it. Meridian is talking to distract it as we’re walking back up. It gives the cliche of 'free me and I won't kill you' schtick. Like come on, do better than that. 1 out of 10 won't come back again. Back up, we lock the trap door and push a cage over it. The police come, get the woman and tapes off the house after we tell them what a fucked up place it is. We advise to keep that house as closed off for as long as possible. Seph sends a text to Dmitri and gets a text that says ‘Hello’. She calls the number but only gets a dripping noise. She tries to say that he wasn’t the one to have done those things to her that it was Jorthorn. She hangs up, and the screen looks cloudy and the case is cracked. She tries find my phone, but gets major GPS drift. She gets another text that says 'hello' and Seph says hello back and asks about who it is, says it’s a friend. Seph asks for A/S/L and gets a ton of 9's, a question mark and that it is underground. Also it's hungry. Add The Endless Hunger Saggy Susan to Seph's ever growing list of potential suitors I guess jesus christ.. When we get back to the clinic Rowan emails the Council of Death to give them this update about Seph’s texts. Meanwhile Seph has gotten a letter from the Duke saying to meet at the Arena of the Fallen Spire to talk about the breeding project. Ugh. Seph gives a response about how can she meet at a place she doesn’t know where it is. Aaaand cut.



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