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Session 22

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Tuesday, June 30th 2015


We’re all dying from the heat. Meridian is remodeling the Master Baby’s room into an art installation of gnomes with a sprinkler system in place so it is always raining. Fucking classy.

Ava goes to find Diego to ask if he still has the cold iron sword for when we were gonna fight the Duke but he got smacked by a meteor. Diego basically has a Winchester murder kit filled with all kinds of goodies. He finds the sword. He also has a cold iron knife that Seph borrows. Meridian comes up with the idea of a cold iron dildo wrapped in rubber and has spikes that can extend out. Ava goes busking to avoid that mental image, Seph and Dmitri go out for a date to the park. Ganymede calls up Dmitri and he let’s it go to voicemail. Apparently Meridian had replaced all the noises for Dmitri’s phone for the sake of art. Apparently the phone call is about dead werewolves and Dmitri needs to go. It’s up in Everett, so Seph goes with Dmitri cause he can’t be alone.

Ava is getting a phone call from Benji. He asks Ava where Leo is at, she says he is meeting with the Autumn King and Benji says that Leo seems to have dropped off the radar (not like they weren’t watching him, but actually were totally watching him.) They’re gonna meet up and see where to go from there. Ava goes to the Autumn Court, finds that Leo went to check in then seemed to have poofed and that was hours ago. She tries calling Leo but only gets his voice mail. Ava asks the other party members if they’ve seen him in the last few hours and to let her know if they do see him. Ava calls the number she has for Leo’s creepy family to see if they’ve seen him, and apparently they didn’t kidnap him. She quickly hangs up. Ava calls up Karen to ask if Georgina actually left Seattle cause she’s worried about Leo. As far as Karen knows Georgina actually left. They call up Seph and Dmitri to ask if Dmitri can track people by scent. He can but they’re halfway to Everett. Meridian tells Seph to grab “currency” for the Goblin Market. (By currency he means random body parts cause hell a bag of dicks got us some rad magical armor imagine what a werewolf hand can do? Spoilers, Seph wasn't able to get such shit.)

Meridian gets a visit from the creepy Autumn Court doctor asking about Master Baby and Meridian says that the Master Baby has been relocated. Meridian also goes to Pioneer Square despite the lack of invitation. Ava senses Wyrd and gets a sense of a desert sun, like Benji and Panya, and sees a guy totally just casually reading a newspaper and not scoping the place. She recognizes him as a coworker of Benji. Meridian joins up with Ava.

Seph and Dmitri arrive at the scene of werewolf murder, Ganymede greets them then goes off on a tangent, and suddenly Dmitri snaps and bum rushes him. Both Seph and Ganymede are all ‘what the fuck’, Seph tries to pull Dmitri off. She pulls him off, Ganymede punches him and Dmitri hulks out, Ganymede runs and Dmitri gives chase and Seph goes after him. There’s a knock on the door, it’s the popo. Seph hangs back, remembering the last time she fought a hulked out werewolf (and sure she was kicking ass but one, she was hurting too and two, this hulked out werewolf is her boyfriend and don't wanna fight the boyfriend) Dmitri basically fus-roh-dah's (but with claws) one cop back who is super dead, the second cop shoots at Dmitri and he murderlates the second cop too. Yeah Seph is hanging back to not get murdered.

Meanwhile at Pioneer Square Benji finally arrives, and they’re gonna see about checking the camera’s to see if they can see what happens with Leo. See he went in and never came back out. Meridian goes into the bar to ask about Leo’s whereabouts. He’s not really getting anything, the Scratch comes out and chats with Meridian. Meridian is asking him now about Leo. Scratch asks Meridian about Master Baby. It sounds like they took Leo in as a replacement for dissecting a true fae, for what they wanted to do to Master Baby. Meridian comes out and let’s Ava know about Leo, she goes in and asks Scratch where Leo is, he claims he doesn’t know where he is. She pulls out her gun and asks again. They’ll see about working something out, Scratch takes Ava to the back and Meridian let’s Benji know what’s gone down and then calls up the Spring Queen. Benji also calling up people.

Dmitri is running out into the street in broad daylight, eventually calms down. He says they have to leave. So they bug out through the Hedge. Seph manages to lead them back to the Hollow without incident. Seph asks Dmitri what the whole hulking out was about. He says he just got fed up with Ganymede profiting off of the slaughter of people he cares about and not giving a fuck. Ever since Zerxes left the Pure have been killing the other werewolves en masse. Seph says she only really cares about him being okay, and that pretty much every other werewolf can eat (guess the Seadawg Pack is okay buuuut Dmitri is priority for Seph). When back at the Hollow, Seph hears an unfamiliar voice singing a jaunty tune.

Ava finds that Leo is with Jack and they’re in the Hedge. Ava wants to find them but neither she nor Scratch would know where he is. Ava is gonna go into the Hedge and look for Leo. Meridian et’s the Spring Queen know about all what’s been going down, such as taking Leo as a substitute for Master Baby and Ava is going in to probably fuck shit up so Summer and Autumn aren’t gonna be super peachy any more. Meridian is gonna go in the Hedge with Ava. Ava gets a trail of somebody and starts tracking.

It’s Jorthorn in the Hollow. He apparently knocked out Jacob and Diego. It's more than a little concerning that he got in and isn't super dead from the traps. He has information about Clementine and only wants to give it to Rowan, Seph says that since she and Rowan are in a pledge that telling her would be like telling Rowan. He says that he’ll tell her, if he gets to watch her and Dmitri have sex while masturbating. Or he gets to have fuck one of them. Seph thinks about it for a bit says disgustedly that she’ll take the hit (rational being that this is information about Clementine, who Seph found has probable cause of being the one to have made her into a changeling and thus basically fucking over her life and sure could have waited a day for Rowan to get back but let's be real, us players are impatient folk and gotta find out this shit now) Dmitri is flabbergasted by this and would prefer the first option, so Seph says alright we’ll do the first option, but she was trying to spare Dmitri of any humiliation. Cause hey, she slept with Hades, nothing can be worse than him right? (Spoilers. It can be worse. So much worse.)

Ava and Meridian come across a keep that belongs to the Freehold, Ava tries to convince them to let them in, Meridian tries to see if he can fuck their way. Someone in the keep will get back to them about letting them in. Ava meanwhile tries to break in, as does Meridian. He finds a servant’s entrance that is locked so he tries to pick the lock and succeeds. He goes back to the front entrance to wait while Ava sneaks in. Meridian sees Jack come out onto the battlement and asks him what he’s doing here and Meridian says he’s checking in on a friend, asking about Leofric. Jack is saying no and Meridian is trying to persuade him otherwise. Jack says he’ll let Meridian in. Ava is sneaking around. She sees six guards playing some cards, with various weapons around. Ava finds an apron and puts it on to pretend to be a servant. She also gets a basket and loads it up with food. How dangerous could she be? She manages to totally sneaks on through. Meridian is escorted in under heavy guard to a sitting room where Leo is. Leo looks a little worse for wear. Ava hears Leo and Meridian and heads on over there. Leo seems to think he is going to die there and says for Meridian to tell Ava that he loves her. Meridian is trying to buy time. Ava is gonna to see what she can do to draw the guards away from Leo. She’s gonna try to see of starting a fire to cause a distraction.

Well shit is awkward in the Hollow. Seph and Dmitri are trying to get it on but Dmitri is having performance anxiety and it seems like only Jorthorn is getting off on this. He knocks Dmitri out with a sleep spell and he and Seph get it on before she can even give consent. So that's gross. And the sex is the most degrading and awful shit. Worse than Hades. So basically Clementine has a super hate hard on for werewolves, and that she orchestrated for Seph to become a changeling, to then inspire Zerxes with the false hope that there’s a cure for her in order for all the werewolves to kill each other off and that Saggy Susan will come and basically kill everything. Jorthorn finds this hot. Seph is horrified. Jorthorn gives Dmitri the memory of what he (Jorthorn) did to Seph that instead if was Dmitri. Jorthorn leaves.

Meridian smells smoke, Jack realizes that there were two of them, Meridian is having a bitchy conversation, that Jack has sanctions from the Summer King to do this, but then Ava comes in and shoots Jack. Time for rolling initiative. Jack turns into a bug and springs away. Ava shoots at one of the guards. Then the guards retaliates and attacks her. Leofric has his eyes closed, hopefully that’s him trying to summon Ways. Meridian tries to calm things down with some good ol persuasion. Leo goes oh fuck and a guard spits out a grasshopper and then basically turns inside out and into grasshoppers. The other guard bugs on out. Then Ava, Meridian and Leo start to bug out. The exit out and it’s the Indigo Scholar. He wants Leo back. Meridian distracts the Indigo Scholar and Ava shoots him. Ava startles him and the Scholar grabs at Leo. While he’s doing that, Meridian shoots at him. His grip is loosened.

Dmitri is waking up with a groan. She and Dmitri are picking themselves up off the ground. Diego comes in and says he missed a show and is taking in the sight of Dmitri. Dmitri is apologetic to Seph (since he thinks he did all those things to her) Diego wants deets, Dmitri makes a disgusted noise and he leaves. Seph leaves and gets a shower.

Ava, Leo and Meridian are in some Mose Eisley cantina Bar at the End of the Universe place and there’s no humans around, but there’s a tiny deer. It’s Ways of course. Ava hugs Ways and then checks in on Leo. Meridian and Ava discussing of what the repercussions are of shooting the Autumn King. Ways sees of ordering something for everyone that won’t poison them. Meridian asks Leo what happened. Autumn basically kidnapped him and threatened him to go along with it all cause they’d do it to Ava instead. They all need to get back to get this court bullshit resolved. They are poofed back to the Hollow and smell the awful smells of Jorthorn madness. Ava goes looking for Diego. Diego telling Ava about Seph and Dmitri, but then Ava tells Diego she shot the Autumn King and how fucked things are. Meridian tries to get in contact with the Queen herself but he gets the Seneschal instead. He says that the Queen needs to get back to him ASAP. Ava calls up Benji to let him know that she shot the Autumn King and that things are a bit messy. Ava let’s Benji know that things are okay at the Alibi Room and to stand down and will keep him and Panya updated on shiz.

Seph finishes with her shower and goes looking for Dmitri, she tries using the app to find him, but apparently he dug out the microchip that was in his neck and has poofed. She tries calling him but gets no response, and sends a text saying that she isn’t mad with him but they need to talk. Seph and Ava exchange information on what has happened. So they’re pretty fucked on all fronts essentially. Seph goes out to call up Summer. She gets Brutus and he doesn’t know anything, but that the Spring Queen and Summer King have been arguing for hours. Sephs says for him to give a call back when he learns something. She then sees of cleaning up the Hollow. Ava checks in on Leo. Apparently the Alibi Room got shot up and Diego has to go check it out. Ava worries it’s a trap, but they go off anyway. Seph and Meridian tag along. Get to the Alibi Room, it says it’s closed. Diego goes in and Ava follows. They go through the Hedge and to the Autumn’s Hollow. Apparently it was Leo’s weird 'the once and future king' family was the one that shot up the place looking for Leo. Ava then goes to talk to Matilda, the one with the family of Leo’s or such. Ava is asked where Leo is, she says she doesn’t know, and they leave. Meridian making some calls to try and figure out what the political stuff is, but doesn’t get much info. He gets back to his house and there’s a knock at the door. It’s the Spring Queen and she has brought alcohol. Meridian gives her all the deets (but where Leo is). There’s more discussion of what all could happen, such as that Leo and his friends could be labeled traitors to the freehold, which Meridian says would be hard to pass. Basically Meridian is trying to plan out various moves and counter moves on having Ava’s back and all that.

Ava, Diego and Seph get back to the Hollow. Ava let’s Leo know about the whole family looking for him. Leo muddling over about going with the family to at least take himself out of the politics. Ava says she’ll support him with whatever he picks. And oh my god Leo and Ava finally kiss fucking finally. Seph is furiously cleaning the Hollow to try and wash the shame away. There is a knock on the hollow door. It’s a house cat the size of a lion covered in flowers. He is looking for Persephone, has a message from the Duke saying that he thinks she and Orpheus should be a part of a breeding program to see what the kid would look like, and provided aesthetically pleasing but anatomically incorrect sketches. Seph says she’ll want to meet with the Duke personally to discuss in the hopes of maybe using this as an in to get close to murdering him (although player would also be amused at seeing Seph and Orpheus get it on, let's be real) and Meridian sends critique of the drawings along too. Meridian sees of finding a changeling smith to set up an appointment of crafting a cold iron dildo. Ava and Leo have more kisses.


Wednesday July 1st 2015


Ava is getting a call from King County jail, and she accepts the call. It’s Morgan. He says it’s apparently illegal to fornicate in public. Dan might be in jail too. Ava and Meridian will see about getting them. They go to the jail and see someone rather tall and it’s Dan’s brother, Steve. Time to go get lunch. Meridian is gonna apparently teach them about the fundelmentals of proper sex and public sex. Okayyy.

Ava is going to get coffee for herself, Leo and likely Seph. Someone wraps an arm around her waist and she hits him. Turns out it’s Ganymede. He says he is looking for Dmitri. Ava says she hasn’t seen Dmitri around, and tells him to come back with her to the clinic. Ava gets coffee. Seph comes out and gets her coffee, sees Ganymede rummaging through the vet supplies and Seph punches him to get him to stop. They find that neither of them know where he is at, Seph makes Ganymede leave the shit he was gonna take. Seph goes to the houseboat to talk to them. Seph has to verify her identity before they tell her anything. They don’t know anything of Dmitri’s whereabouts. Seph leaves and sees of going around to places he frequents to see if she can find out anything. Nothing is turning up in finding Dmitri.

Meridian is meanwhile pounding Morgan and Dan apparently. Ava asks Meridian about advice of what she should do, and basically she should wait to see what happens with Autumn and Summer. Ava leaves once things get weird. Ava hears a creaking of a floor board in Meridian’s house. Ava sneaks along with her gun out after the noise. Meridian locks up Dan and Morgan and comes out in some leather bondage gear and a heavier sex paddle as a weapon. Ava feels a gun against her back and the person is apparently Steve. He wanted to know what was happening with Dan and thought it was supernatural stuff. Steve leaves. Ava starts heading on out to get some food from the kitchen. Ava sees Steve and Diego talking on the lawn. Ava joins in. She reveals about Dan being a supernatural along with other weird shit and invites Steve back inside for a drink over this cause hoo boy this is going to be a long conversation. Ava is giving Steve the run down about supernatural shit and man is Steve’s mind getting blown. Ava gets a call from Karen, is confirmed that Georgina is in London and she describes Sin Eaters as someone that died, made a pact with something and came back. Karen then hangs up. And more chatter about supernatural shit, Ava tells Steve about basically all the supernatural shit she knows, which admittedly isn't all the details. She starts telling Dan about Orpheus and his 'unique creature' status when Seph comes by and she meets Steve. Meridian finishes up and comes on up. Seph exits stage left when shit gets weird. Ava leaves as well. Meridian brings Steve up to speed on more details of supernatural shit. Meridian goes to Dan and Morgan and tells him that Dan needs to have a good talk with his brother. Meridian is basically giving family counseling for the brothers. There’s a knock in the Hollow from Meridian’s. I’s Morgan, he feels awkward about the whole family counseling and Ava has Morgan come on through. They all go get Dick’s. Seh gets a text from Ganymede. It’s a duck. She sends a pic of a blue footed booby.  



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