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Session 21 quotes

Page history last edited by Ariel Alian 3 years, 3 months ago

“So he’s got that… pretty boy, Japanese thing going.” -Leo

“Bishounen?” - Seph

“Yes. I saw it on the internet because someone accused me of it.” - Leo

“Well, you kinda are.” - Seph


“Meridian has plenty of people he can fuck, not just the Duke. I’m sure he’d be fine with a corpse.” - Dawn

“It’s a target rich environment.” - Jeremy

“Exactly!!” - Ariel and Kelsey


“What happened to your pants?” - Rowan

“I don’t know.” - Morgan


“Is that you God?” - Dan

“It’s Rowan, close enough.” - Rowan


“Psst, I can offer my pants.” - Jesse


“He’s a threat to national security, he’s not entirely human.” - FBI agent

“He’s a single father with a cute dog, he’s not a threat to national security. I know a 12 year old that’s not entirely human and he’s definitely not a threat to national security.” - Rowan


“Pam knows something weird is going on, that’s why she drinks.” - Benji


“Can she get me a library card? Cause I can’t get one of those without an ID.” - Ava


“I’m grabbing my bomb. We’re going somewhere public. It’s my bomb, they gave it to me!” - Jesse


“Have you met this gentleman?” - Traylor, showing a picture of Morgan

“We’ve met.” - Jesse

“Care to provide some information?” - Traylor

“He’s wearing my pants.” - Jesse


“You deserve better from your god.” - Kelsey


“I hate to say it but we may need to find another vet.” - Jesse to his husband


“Given the aroma in the kennels I believe you and Dan had sex last night.” - Rowan

“That goes against my instructions.” - Morgan

“Fuck your instructions.” - Rowan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“What you’re not used to being this pretty?” - Rowan to their fetch


“You’re not gonna believe me, but I’m the you that was taken by the faeries.” - Rowan

“I think I was the one that was taken by the faeries.” - Fetch!Rowan


“You see Dan run out doing a drunken victory jog, holding Morgan’s pants over head, runs into the wall and then back out.” - Jeremy explaining Dan’s actions via the clinic’s security camera



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