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Session 18

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Woe becomes Wednesday, June 24th 2015


Meridian is having a locksmith having the locks done so the invisible guy can’t come in through the windows, he doesn’t want invisible guy messing with his MASTER Baby.  He is doing art because he has to make the money.  He has to make the money because someone in this group has to pay the bills.


All the windows are alarmed.  Merdian hears a thump.  He goes upstairs.  He doesn’t see a nanny, he notices a painting on the wall that looks like her.  Someone took his nanny and made a painting out of her entrails.  The baby is in the crib.  He is not covered in entrails.


The baby is gurgling and standing up in the crib.   Meridan tells the baby he did a good job and tells him he’ll get a new nanny.

Meridan calls and requests a new nanny.  Meridan takes the baby to the park and has a conversation with the baby about how some people are more expendable than others.


Persephone is concerned because she hasn’t got creepy letters from her creepy plant boy Fae Lord Orpheus.  He could have killed Hades.  We don’t know.   She is hanging out with and indecisive Demetrius.   

Mi-ok is at the 13th Step a coffee bar.   Stalking her daughter in disguise!    Her daughter goes inside the bathroom and locks the door.  There is a commotion as someone starts knocking and trying to get in a short time later.   Her daughter’s car is still out front.


Rowan is meeting Striding Grass Monk (THE NECROMANCER) at the coffee shop near the Neptune.  She asks about the oddities at the house on Queen Anne.  SGM said there is only a little taint left.   Jessica escaped.  SGM  has no leads on where she has gone, has some leads on Clementine.  That lead is one photo from 1850s San Francisco.  Rowan asks about alternate realities.   SGM doesn’t know anything about that.  There was some mage/werewolf conflict in the 1850s.  SGM asks for any information Rowan gets about Jessica or Clementine.  Rowan makes small talk.

They have a conversation about good and bad werewolves.  Rowan classifies werewolves as evil and  the lesser of two evils.  SGM may try to pick Rowan’s pocket or put something it, checking she finds a coin.


Jacob is at the hallow hiding and doing arts and crafts in as a science project.


Persephone and Demetri are out at lunch at a local Seattle place.  Seph notices there are bunch of strong jawed missionary guys across the street on a mission, possibly a white power rally or the PURE.  She tries to be subtle and point it out to Demetri.   They decide that it might be easiest to go through the hedge to avoid the Pure. 

Persephone starts looking for a way to make a door to the hedge.  


Jacob is in a bathroom and there is a woman tied up next to him (yes the same bathroom Mi-Ok's daughter disappeared into).  He looks around and tries to figure out what is happening.  There is someone jangling at the door.  The woman is Asian.   He’s a foot taller.   He’s freaking out.


He opens the door.  The 20 something year goes on about how this isn’t the right place to do this.    Mi-ok sees creepy old man.  Jacob notices Mi-ok.    Mi-ok attacks the the creepy old man when she figures out that he might have done something kinky with her daughter.


Meanwhile in the hallow, Clarence in the hallow is calling  “Hello, I think I have my foot caught in a bear trap”.     Jacob pleads innocence of the trap but HE put it there and walked into it.  Rowen buys none of this.


Rowen injects fake Jacob with ketamine and then straps him to a gurney and takes him into a clinic.   Rowen wasn't born yesterday.


Over at Volunteer Park, while he is there is Meridian notices a lot of NEW statuary in the park (GREAT they've done some improvement not quite to Meridian's taste but it's good for the CITY) while he’s out with the baby.  He and Master Baby have a chat about art.  As he studies it, he notices the new art is all people or abstractions of people.  He appreciates the art and tries to help Master baby appreciate the art.  When he’s not looking at the status they seem to move.  This is new but doesn't exactly phase Meridian.   When he’s not looking at the statues they move, he pushes a statue over and it looks away, he looks back and it’s back up. in front of him.


Meridian moves somewhere that he has a wall to his back and calls Rowan and says that he has a park full of animated statue.  The statues seem to be scooting about, they could be after the Master Baby.  He asks the Baby to put away the statues, they don’t go away…but he backs out of the park to the clinic.  He takes the overland route to the clinic.  He calls the seneschal to tell him about the animated statues.


Mi-ok and old Jacob call the clinic, Mi-ok having noticed that was the number up on old man Jacob's phone.  Rowan says to get back and hurry.  They have the fake Jacob in real Jacob's body.


Persephone hurries through the hedge trying to avoid the pure.  They really seem to have a beef against her and Demetri.    She and Demetri head toward the Hallow and Clinic.  Seph and Demetri make it back to the Hallow.  For once, despite the creepy foreshadowing of ravens things don't go horribly awry on the way through the hedge and nobody sends any creepy messages too or from anyone else  (or maybe that's not a thing anymore--Mi-Ok really needs to make more guest appearances!).


The Not really Jacob is in exam room 2.    Persephone and Rowan exchange information when Persephone gets back to the clinic. 

Demetri hacks the phone.  He does this crazy CGI thing with his eyes that doesn't require any CGI at all.   Information is found and a lot of creepy pictures.  Meanwhile, somewhere ELSE in the city---Jacob wakes up as Clarence.   He’s being held down by ice and trapped as he’s being questioned by Jadis.    He's being menaced and threaten.   Jacob is terrified as they threaten to get under the soul.    There are surgeons threatening Jacob/Clarence.  Apparently they've taken the poor fetch apart a few times and put him back together, maybe he has a reason to be a little crazy.



There are snowflakes drifting through the air.    That seems to imply that there is still a possessed Jacob in the clinic and that Jacob is missing or that this episode has a CGI budget.  Ice is melting off of Jacob/Clarence. 


Rowan decides to call Jadis, they decide to channel Ava:  Bad decisions and Hate.  She gets put on hold with 'Let it Go' playing in the background.   Rowan gets blamed for what is going on including mounting an occult strike.  WTF???  Rowan has done a lot of things but they know nothing about an occult strike.  Jacob is being blamed as being used as a symbolic focus as to attack her ‘little toy’.  Rowan says we’re trying to figure out what we’re trying to figure out what she is trying to do with Old man

Jacob.   She admits she has Clarence.  Rowan says that Jadis has pissed off former allies, like perhaps Orpheus.   Jadis asks about a Monet painting.  Rowan asks about someone attacking Jadis.


Rowan says that Clarence was on his way to the clinic before she snatched him, she should send him to us and will ‘fix him’ and then send him back to her intact. (WHAT??)  Master baby might have sent a Monet.   Master Baby seems to be developing a lot of new talents but communication, thus far, isn't one of them despite Meridian's best attempts to get through to him.


Rowan gets them to send Clarence to the 7-11 across the street.  She sends Seph out to watch.     She puts Master Baby in a Kennel (it's perfectly safe!)  as Meridian goes to look for a handgun and introduces himself to the new Nanny Gerta.  He then takes back off through the kitchen to the clinic to rescue Master Baby...from nothing in particular but a bad hair day and that would, be the worst.


2 nondescipt men go into the 7-11, Delight One and Delight Two...Seph goes to meet them.  They announce they are there to meet Rowan.   They asked for where Rowan’s lair is, they are finally directed across the street.  Meridian does not try to seduce the Turkish Delightful.  He seems to have his hands full of Master Baby and handgun.    They don’t want to leave Clarence and they are confused by the Master Baby.  It's his perfectly rounded cheeks and the dimple in his chin when he smiles.


They threaten to leave.    Meridian pulls his gun and fires at them.   An action twist!   He gets in a good shot and a spray of powder sugar hits the far wall.  Pew! Pew!  The clear paste is seeping out of his back.  They turn and look grumpy.  And then Delight One gets shot again by Meridian for the death kill.  The rest finally attack with Mi-Ok and Rowan distracting the remaining Delight Two and while Persephone does a stabby-stabby.  Demtri finishes the Delight Two off with his knife and then complains about the sticky.  He's a wolf, doesn't he eat with his hands already??


They go outside, find a car, Rowan calls in the plates and find out it belongs to the Muffin Man and notices it’s a live.  Many Muffin man jokes are exchanged. They flip it off and it attacks.  Meridian shots it and it sprays sticky stuff.  Delightful.   The defeat the pastry.   They look around and find a cubist art van going down the street.  Meridian shoots the van.  It has a spray of powdered sugar but is leaking rosewater and gelatin.


Meanwhile, inside ‘old’ Jacob is trying to push through the side.  Rowan runs over and tries to get inside the van by ripping open the passenger side door.  She gets a door open.  Seph rips own a door handle but doesn’t get inside.  Rowan stabs the driver, the drive shoots at Rowan and Rowan is SHOT.   Seph tries to climb on to the car.


The fighting continues with Jacob trying to escape the van, the van is dead the people inside it are not.  Jacob has successfully escaped the van.    Thera are 4 men in the back of the van and a woman.  After a bit of fighting the witch is dead.


The fighting continues with damage being taken to Seph and Rowan.   Demitri is coming out of the clinic to join the fight, but is lower on initiative and seems to have missed the memo that fighting was happening.    Demitri finishes the one Persephone hurt.  Rowen and Persephone take more damage, they start looking damaged.  Clarence/Jacob starts flailing about in the road.  He still has a gag.


The battle rages on and on and on and on and on….with people being a bit more wounded and closer to falling down and/or needing healing.  Rowan is trying to get to Seph to administer healing on her.  It looks like team “Get ‘em’ might be able to win this one.  Demitri is better at fighting than Seph remembers.  It’s like he’s been fighting werewolves in a warzone.


The seneschal calls and says that he’s sending a film crew but the feds are on the way because of the several bodies and the shoot out. Meridian takes the witches body and dumps it into the hedge, they leave the ‘melted’ Turkish  Delight bodies for the feed. 


Plans are made and baby diapers are changed.  Rowan feeds the Fae Lord.  The Master Baby smells good. 


Three different agencies come to secure the place.  It’s not a real shoot out, Meridian goes out and tries to ‘spin it’.  He tries to say he doesn’t need a license for ‘art’.  Homeland Security “Madelena Trailor”, she knows Meridian is full of shit.  The FBI is searching the area with Weird looking goggles.  Not much they can see or do about the problem.   Meridian flirts with someone enough to make them stop.  FBI and and Homeland Security get into a turf argument.  Meridian gives mock sympathy.  Goggle dudes take samples.  They bag up bodies.   They have people in hazmat suits handle the ‘bodies’. 


Seph looks for a food bank or food kitchen too look for them to give her free food.     Mi-ok helps hook her up by taking her on the AA circuit.


Rowan calls Leo to ask about the Fetch problem with Jacob and his Fetch.  Leo says he’s never made a fetch himself but it sounds like it is a ‘glitch’.  It isn’t to the true faes benefit to do this on purpose.  He says there is a general theory that that this an Leo heritance of memory. 


Leo says he could read the copy of the ritual if we get a copy of it and we should be able to reverse the process with the copy of the ritual.  Rowan sends Meridian to the goblin market to look for the ritual.  The Goblin market doesn’t open until midnight.


Meridian goes looking for things that might be of use to trade at the Goblin Market, of interest is the bag of dicks in the freezer. 


Seph chills with Demitri in the Hallow.  Rowan calls Liz after Meridian notices the statues are approaching the outside of the clinic.  She locks up first. Liz comes over to the clinic.


Mi-ok, Persephone, and Meridian go to the Goblin Market.    They get there and Seph gives the “rules of the Market”.  Since Meridian is there they agree to let Meridian be in charge.  Meridian starts looking for the book for the the ritual needed to ‘reboot’ the fetch and get Jacob back to Jacob.   Meridian exchanges calligraphy written in his own blood for the book.   


So on they go to look for magical protection armor.    Meridian tries to make a deal for armor with a hand and two dicks.    For the dicks and the hands they get an arm band, (3 pt token)x3 which are 2 point of armor that are magic, black leather color, floral necklace.


Persephone thinks she sees Orpheus.  She decides she wants to confront him somewhere safe under market rules.  Orpheus is wearing a collar and says that things have changed in the last few years.  He’s hanging out with some Muppets.     Last they heard of him, there were cherry blossoms in a box with Hades severed head.    Seph asks if he’s running errands for the Duke.  Meridian notes that it’s been too long since he’s seen the duke and that Orpheus should send the message that they should ‘fuck’.


Orpheus says he has much to do and miles to go, Seph tells him to have fun.    Hades is dead.  The aspect that was Hades is gone, what remains is a different entity.  Emotional support murder rose, exits without his freedom.


No ravens follow.  Meridian drives back to the clinic there are kneeling statues at the front of the clinic.  They weren’t trying to get into the door?  They might try to follow the truck home.  Master Baby and Meridian go home, do the statues follow?


Rowen takes a picture and sends it Leo.    For some reason people can read the ritual from the book, that can't go wrong.  Surely the ritual can wait until tomorrow when people have had a night of rest.  Orpheus as a topic comes up.  Seph fills Rowen in on the topic and Hades as dead, dead, but the Underworld as a constant.


Rowan decides to separate the Jacob bodies as Clarence in Jacob the younger's body uses the 'Zuchinni' password proving the bleed is bad enough that passwords aren’t going to work.  She gives the adult diapers and puts them to sleep for the night.  Surely the statues will follow Meridian and Master Baby and the team can sleep peacefully through the night.


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