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Session 18 Quotes

Page history last edited by Ariel Alian 3 years, 6 months ago

“How did you summon Cthulhu with macaroni?” - Cort


“Is it a painting of her or her entrails?” - Meridian

“Yes?” - Jeremy

“Sigh. Amateurs.  Not in the baby's room.” - Meridian


“I call the seneschal.” - Meridian

“Yes?” - Seneschal

“I need a clean up crew and someone to die off camera.” - Meridian


*Meridian giving professional art critique to a baby, that's all*


“Oh and the smelly pens. Teaching drug habits young.” - Cort


“Would someone that is Jacob have five wrappers of otter pops in his pocket?” - Not-Jacob/Clarence

“ONLY five? You're not Jacob.” - Rowan


“Your villain is as scattered as you are.”- Cort about Jacob and Jadis


“Were these particularly tough?” - Meridian about the Turkish Delight men

“No?” - Seph

“Alright. *shoots one*” - Meridian


“Do you know the fucking muffin man?” - Rowan


“Pudding fights to the end.” - Meridian


“You've cocked blocked him.” - Jeremy


“I will get them diapers because apparently my life is fucking diapers.” - Rowan



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