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“Doing the lords work! Hail Satan!” Kelsey


“If we steal all the fliers we’ll break them financially.” Cort


“If Jacob serial kills any of the children he’s grounded.” Dawn


“Bront! Bront! I think we found bad dogs!” Dawn


“I haven’t tried fighting with the baby...” Cort


“Meridian is a street prostitute twelve year old.” Dawn


“What, like a compound?” Rando werewolf

I was thinking more like Everett.” Rowan


“Oh. Hi. Can I help you?” 7-11 cashier

“Actually, I can help you, and in ways you’d never imagine.” Meridian


“I found your dog.” Dawn

“Oh good! Someone claiming to be the gingerbread man ran off with him!” Sorority girl.


“Collecting loose penises for a charity art project. Okay!” Kelsey


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