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session 15 quotes

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“I feel like I haven't been warming your hearts.” -The Winter Queen

“That's a little hard for you since you're an ice person.” - Rowan


“I couldn't tell if you said dearest or nurse.” -Austin

“Hellooooooo nurse!” - Jeremy


“Meridian is basically Florida.” - Ariel

“Meridian is Florida Man.”- Dawn


“Florida Man is a superhero in Kensei. He's the poor man's Punisher.” - Jeremy


“So Felix comes out.” - Jeremy

“You mean Diego?” - Everyone

“Oh wrong game.” - Jeremy as Felix


“Well this is a funny little pickle.” - Seph

“So do we help your ex or do we help your ex?” -Rowan


“Fucking Faerie Bullshit.” - Everyone


“Can the tiny deer be reasoned with?” - Ava


“This is horrible, I put the tiny deer in the petri dish and put it in the freezer.” - Rowan


“Do I look like someone who'd shoot you on a ferry?” *clicking gun* - Ava to Jessica


“I just imagine you playing checkers.” - Ava

“Well, someone's getting crowned.” - Diego


"Are you an alien love messiah?" - Seph to Ganymede


“Dogs tend to be more gainfully employed” - Jeremy


“Mr Wigglesbutt is a ranged weapon.” - Dawn




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