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session 13 quotes

Page history last edited by Ariel Alian 3 years, 12 months ago

“They wanted me to avoid you but now I am here talking to you.” -Mi-Ok

“That's very honest of you.” - Alice


“My chief goal is to make sure humanity is okay.” - Alice

“I don't think it is.” - Mi-Ok


“If you join us, you'll fall down the rabbit hole and… you might need therapy.”- Mi-Ok


“It looks we have one if those situations, excuse me.” - Mi-Ok

“Is it the hairy guy?” - Alice


“Excuse me but the term ménage à trois implies three. Either come and take it into the bedroom or take it elsewhere.” - Meridian to the Scholar and the Duke


“I love that Meridian is the only one that can talk to the True Fae and be like ‘look bitches.’” - Dawn


“Maybe we can all marry each other.” - Mi-Ok

“I'm not marrying Meridian.” - Seph


“I will fuck us to freedom.” - Meridian


“My husband in Skyrim went from a grizzly butch to flowery feminine. So I never went home again.” - Cort


“I can't fuck a tank.” - Cort

“You haven’t tried yet.” - Ariel

“That's quitter talk.” - Kelsey


“I can get you in.” - Indigo Scholar

“I shoot him.” - Kelsey


“Now you may have to raise that baby.” - Rowan

“Yeah isn't that ironic.” - Meridian


“Your brother, Diego raised you? The fire starter?” - Meridian

“Yeah I turned out okay!” - Ava



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