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Quotes 9

Page history last edited by Ariel Alian 4 years, 3 months ago

"It reminds you of the Homeland Security office." - Jeremy

"Oh, that's right, we threw that angel's body in the Hedge." - Ariel

"You what?!" - Dawn

"And burned his house down." - Austin

"This is fine." - Kelsey


"I put my problems in the fridge, if you haven't noticed." - Rowan


"Maybe senpai will notice me." - Orpheus

"Senpai will never notice you." - Kelsey


"I shouldn't punch him in the face, I don't wanna ruin it." - Seph, on Dmitri


"*ties a friendship bracelet on Leo's wrist* I made this for you in case I die horribly and you have something to remember me by." - Ava

"What." - Leo


"Were you gonna ask where I've been all night?" - Diego

"Did you have sex with Meridian?" - Ava


"He raises his hand and has some skin wrapped around the wrist." - Jeremy, about the Duke

"Ava shoots him." - Kelsey


"Of her many problems, sanity is not one of them." -Kelsey about Ava


"How are you ladies doing? .....And Frosty?" -Buck saying hello


"No! *hangs up*" Seph to Zerxes, again


"What else can you do in South Dakota?" -Jeremy

"Leave." -Austin


"Everything looks fine here, brochaka" -Seph


"Bye Bitch! *boops away courtesy of Ways*" -Ava


"I was kidnapped by a Turkish Delight man!?" -Austin


"My glorified sperm donor hit up my mom." -Seph


"Tell the twelve year old to look up his grand-nephew on facebook." -Austin


"I was gone for TEN MINUTES! I cannot leave the party!" -Ava


"Leave! Bye Felicia! You are not wanted!" -Ava to The Duke


"We rewrote history so that a tiny meteor would always hit at that exact moment." -Benji


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