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Session 6

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APRIL 27th, 2015: MONDAY

(Notes recorded by AVA MORENO REYES)


So it’s been about 17 days since the shit with the box and the staff and all that other crap has been dealt with. Are we officially in the clear? How much is the half-life of bullshit? My brother’s fetch is still missing and I haven’t seen MY my brother since then either, and Persephone’s wolfman is officially off on werewolf initiation business that sounds super suspicious but okay sure guess it’s none of mine.


So that morning I get woken up by my phone ringing and I’m kind of hoping it’s the other me telling me the other Diego has been found safe, which is a close but no cigar. Some chica in a hospital in Kirkland (where the fuck is Kirkland?) calling, saying they got a John Doe with no ID on him, weird bruises and burn marks and only two numbers in his phone - ‘creepy vet office’ and ‘that little dipshit’. I go from drowsy to wide awake in half a second and tell her yeah that’s my brother I’ll be on my way as soon as I fucking can.


At the same time since Dmitri’s been away at his Werewolf Hazing, Persephone’s been staying with us. Probably better than the houseboat, especially with her stalker problem. She also gets woken up by her phone, a text from Dmitri with a creepshot of some weird middle-aged kinda guy asking if she knows anyone named ‘Zerxes’? The guy isn’t familiar at all so Persephone texts back no and asks why she would, but right after sending that Dmitri drops down into radio silence.


That’s about when I get a chance to go down to the clinic, and the doc is nice enough to let us all clown car down to Kirkland first thing.


It’s him alright, my Diego. It’s kind of weird, seeing his hair on fire but wrapped in bandages sedated in the hospital bed like that. I’m not a doctor, I don’t know how bad his injuries are. Did the Gentry he was serving do this to him because they were pissed? Fuck, I should have never let him fucking go with the box, I should have told him to just ditch the whole deal. So I’m pretty fucking inconsolable and freaking out but Persephone does her best to keep me calm while Rowan and Jacob look around and try to see if his injuries say what happened to him. I hadn’t noticed but Rowan sees that the bruises on him kinda match the weird symbols that had been on the box.


The nurse comes in about then, she explains that the cops found him wandering out of some forest fire in the Duvall area and he passed out without being able to give them any info. She asks me if he’s got any medical conditions they should know about and I say nah, and they say they’ll send someone in soon to get his information and all. I’m pretty worried for another reason too here - we avoided hospitals and the like, and what exactly am I supposed to tell them? Even if I want to try and use his real name and info for his Fetch, it’s pretty clear he’s not a 50 year old man.


There’s not really any other options. I hadn’t… exactly… told Benji about my Diego being back in town when he first showed up over two weeks ago. Like, the fuck was I supposed to say anyway? Benji was half drugged out in a hospital bed himself, and I didn’t even know if Diego would make it back a second time, it seemed kinda like something that might just be more trouble than it was worth to bring up until I was more certain.


Well, shows what I know, I ended up having to break the news to him while calling him asking what the fuck I was supposed to do here. I’m not the fucking brains of this operation okay? I guess it could have gone worse… he said he’d arrange something and that was that.


While we wait the Boss is able to find a news report pretty easy in the Snoqualmie Valley Record, ‘Firefighters responded to a brushfire in the Duvall area, one person found injured, cause of fire unknown’. Since that sounds just vague and suspicious enough to be worthy of investigation Rowan suggests we do that. I don’t really want to leave Diego until he’s awake at least though, so they ask Persephone to stay with me so I’m not alone and take Mi-Ok and Jacob to where the fire was.


Right after they left the nurse came back in, I was all tense and ready for bad news but she just apologizes for the wait and says that Diego’s “uncle” called and game them all of his information. Uncle, sure. Yeah. Fuck this is a mess.


I’m told back with Team Duvall it wasn’t hard to find the charred out area of the woods and all where it looks like the fire could have started. The whole radiated out of a central point, knocking down a few trees in the process. While they were wandering around checking shit out though they found a part of the air that looked… different. Like, couldn’t see it from the approach until they were almost right on top of it, but it was like there were two portals ripped into the sky, with greener and brighter grass on one that’s clearly into the Hedge and the other looking dark and spooky as fuck. They’re kind of at an angle to one another, and when standing at the right spot Jacob can see three more all circling like points on a star, though the other three are less ripped open portals and more portals in potentia or whatever. Impossible to tell if they’re opening or closing, even as Rowan tries to feel at the edges and Jacob sticks his head through one.


Rowan did notice that the growth on the Hedge side seemed new - like it had been damaged and was self-repairing somehow.


This seems pretty clearly beyond our area of expertise at this point so Rowan gave the Spring Queen a call then to tell her what we new and got told the Minister of Spooky for the Queen would be sent to check it out. Someone named Agnes.


Back at the hospital Diego starts to wake up. Thank fuck. The nurse said he was recovering remarkably well and was probably going to be fine but it was hard to believe while he was still passed out on the bed. He asked if he was dead, I said no he was in Kirkland, and he was like where the fuck is Kirkland. After that happy reunion he gives us the low-down on what happened, that he was going to take the box back and all and it basically… exploded when he handed it over, and he doesn’t really remember anything after that. I tell him what day it is - that he’s been gone for more than two weeks now, that he was found stumbling out of a forest fire in the woods and the others are checking that place out, but it looks like he’s not a suspect for starting it at least. Downside is his contract is still ‘on’ and it’s a time thing not a task thing (no he can’t clarify how long), and he’s pretty sure it’s still on even if the ones who have it on him had died in the blast. Whatever, we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. I’m not letting him go back again. We’ll figure something else out. The doctors wanna keep him overnight for observation as a CYA but they give me permission to stay with him. I’m just certain if I leave something bad is gonna happen.


Seph’s dealing with her missing man at the same time, finally heading outside so she can call him after only getting a very worrying “Do not worry” text in response to all of her freaked ones. When she gets though the person picking up is definitely not Dmitri, and the asshole replies to ‘who is this’ with ‘who is this’ like bitch this ain’t your phone and she asked you first. Anyway he says she’s the girlfriend or something, but also that she’s not who she says she is?? And he’d be looking forward to seeing her real soon before he hangs up. That’s not morbid and creepy or anything. When Seph tells me this I ask if all the werewolves went with Dmitri to his hazing and apparently only Rachel did, so how about she calls one of them to see if they know anything?


She gets Joanna, who recognizes Zerxes as some high ranking werewolf out east and tells Persephone there’s nothing to worry about but she’ll give Rachael a ring anyway. Like, five seconds later she calls back though all “goddamn it your boyfriend was here in our living room talking to Geoffrey!” she meant the chupacabra, not Dmitri, and he was there to drop off more roses. She chased the fucker out, and Persephone had to clarify that Orpheus wasn’t her boyfriend but her stalker. Joanna kept calling him her “side bitch” though which was pretty funny. She called Rachel for real after that and told Persephone the same thing she did before - that systems were normal, him being incommunicado was standard for this, don’t worry. Seph worries anyway. And texts Joanna after the call to burn the roses. Joanna says she’ll be putting them in Seph’s room.


Like, it’s pretty fucking funny.


Out in the woods the Spooky Advisor to the Queen, Agnes, shows up. She’s about 40 and a Witchtooth Ogre, whatever that means. Maybe that her and the Boss have a secret ogre handshake? That sounds pretty cool actually… Rowan gives her a rundown on what they know and they exchange numbers. A quick look over and Agnes tells Rowan she doesn’t think anything dangerous is gonna pop outta these so she can cover it for now, so Rowan takes everyone back to the hospital and from there we consolidate our info and Rowan fills Agnes in on everything Diego remembers about what happened. Incredible the things that can happen when you actually talk to people.


Since we got a for certain where Orpheus just was, Rowan also suggests that he might still either be lurking around the houseboat OR have left some kind of clue behind. Since it’s mostly just chilling with my bro at the hospital I tell the others I’m cool with them going on without me and I’ll call if shit happens. The Opener of Ways is still hanging around and I’m not gonna tell the tiny deer to fuckoff, he can do what he wants, so it isn’t even like I’ll be alone.


I kinda forget about the ‘call if anything happens’ thing but hey I tried.


When they get up to the houseboat they hear lingering guitar music coming from another docked houseboat on the quay. No dice for it being the Chupacabra though, it’s just some old hippie spelling like patchouli who is trying to share the soothing music with the neighborhood who says Persephone has a lot of negative energy when she tells her to turn it down. There goes that lead.


No Orpheus, but they do find another body sticking out of a dumpster. Surprise surprise, extreme exsanguination as likely cause of death in spite of little to no wounds, though there’s cuts around the lips that have dried blood. When Rowan goes to take a swab they find that there’s a rose leaf in their mouth this time. That’s new. Persephone plays phone tag and gets ahold of the detective on the case to report another body.  Rowan takes the leaf in hope of being able to analyze it, since roses apparently have this thing where you can tell where they were grown because of how they process their nutrients from the soil or some shit.


Boss probably got some contacts up at University they can call on and all but that might take some time so first they wanna check and see what they can do back at the home base, specially since Persephone was studying botany and plants and shit before she got taken. All they really got at the local lab though is that it looks like the rose wasn’t grown locally and there’s like blood cells or some shit in there? Fucking crazy man. Also some kind of organic painkiller or somethin. Rowan makes the call then to see what she can get for her UW contacts and makes an appointment for tomorrow so someone with a lab made for this kinda work can see if they can figure more out. Since the sun’s started to go down finally, Persephone calls Liz to arrange a meet in a fancy Starbucks since the bar is out of the question with Jacob tagging along.


Round that time back at the hospital I notice some weird shit going on. Like, grain of sand on the floor, doorknob rattling? It’d be creepy movie shit except I can see Benji on the other side of the other side of the door and holy shit this is gonna hit levels of awkward previously undiscovered by man. Opening up for them it’s not just Benji, it’s his boss, Panya Jefferson back in action with him as well. That’s probably the sand and creepy vibe. I say it’s nice to see she’s doin well because it’s important to be polite and shit, I got manners, and she said she wants to see “The boy”. Guess the box did kinda explode all over him and mark him up so she’d be interested. Still, I kinda ask Benji as quietly as I could why the fuck he couldn’t have given me a text as a warning or something. He just gestured at Panya and I guess that does kinda explain it.


While Panya manhandles Diego I try to warn her he’s still on a lot of painkillers. The apparent explosion of the box came as a surprise to her, and that ‘the ones she serves had an auxiliary plan involving the box’? Fucking hell, no shit man. Not that I say that. I ain’t smart but I ain’t that stupid either. From the explosion Diego still has some lingering taint of the judge’s touch - if he’d been mortal he’d probably end up like Benji, who’s apparently Immune to Weird. Since he’s a Fae he’ll probably be okay, but also maybe some kind of Fae-Sekhem(sp?) hybrid. She’d have to research to see if such a thing had happened before. Which sounds totally great. I guess some of the awkward potential is lessened in that when Panya is done she takes Benji with her, so there’s not really a whole lot of conversation time. When it’s just us again Diego points out that while Benji’s a silver fox and all, what the fuck. I can’t blame him. So… that’s when I tell him. About how we’ve been gone for over 30 years. About Fetches, that mine pulled a gun on me and his had married Benji a few years back.


This was not how this was supposed to go at all. But I guess it could have been worse.


Meanwhile in Starbucks with the rest of the gang, Liz has a girltoy on her arm who she shooes off when the others get there. She’s entertained that they ‘brought their child to work with them’ except after a look at everyone she realizes Jacob is clearly not related to any of us. Like at all. After greetings and introductions from Persephone as I was the only one with her last time so this is a whole new Scooby Gang, Rowan cuts right to the chase and brings up that the victim’s blood had an organic painkiller in it and is that a feature for vamps or is that something different from what Liz could do. Liz confirms that as far as she’s aware there’s no “pharmaceutical aspect” of the bite but can also demonstrate if any of the ladies would like.


Mi-Ok decides now would be a great time to get Jacob some hot chocolate.


The Boss asks if Liz knows what their blood in particular will do to Liz and while Liz has never had the chance to try she’d be curious to give it a go. Fearless and ready to roll, Rowan moves over to Liz’s side of the table and drapes their arm over her shoulder in a super casual way so that if Liz wants to bite their wrist it won’t look suspicious.


Apparently Liz thought we were werewolves since it was werewolves that put us in contact with her. Uh, surprise. After a shudder and adjustment she calls Jacob a little snow cone. Looks like drinking changeling blood will let a vampire see us for our true forms and gives a hell of an acid trip in the process, and that she feels a little murderous as well. That’s probably a side-effect of drinking from Rowan in particular. Needless to say when she gets a look at Rowan’s true self, mask, mein, I don’t fucking know there’s too much weird vocabulary here. When she sees Rowan for what they really are all bloody and shit she’s all “Oh I could just eat you up.”


So, roses, yeah she doesn’t get the connection there. Aside from looking at Persephone and commenting that she’s kind of ‘rosey’, asking how that whole growing flowers out of her hair even works. As they talk her through the trip they find out there’s at least a dozen bodies with similar MO’s popping up that imply they were done by Orpheus. It isn’t just their mouth that has cuts on it though, their whole esophagus and stomach is fucked up too. While Persephone trying to keep me up to date gets a little tl;dr when I actually read it I ask how likely it could be that the roses are growing out of their stomach. That’d explain the leaf in the mouth and the cuts all along the exit for that. Rowan exchanges numbers with Liz and Liz takes a moment to baffle at how Rowan looks in the picture (human) vs how Rowan really looks. They peace out and leave her to her girltoy.


Since Rowan and Persephone were kept in the same place, they try to remember anything they can about Big H that would lead to clues for what the fuck is going on with Orpheus. Rowan does, when they think about it, remember Persephone spending time in the gardens and mentioning an Orpheus. Persephone comes up with a sudden memory of a canary yellow sheep with wings. A little non-sequitur there but okay. But she also remembers Orpheus’ name in her handwriting.


Now don’t get me wrong Persephone is my girl and I would punch a cop for her but really chica? The Plan A you come up with is ‘obviously I need to put myself in mortal danger to draw him out so he can play the hero’? Slow down crazy, slow down! And she calls ME reckless.


I mean, like, I totally am, but I don’t pretend I ain’t.


Rowan suggests maybe making that our Plan B and instead seeing if she can somehow contact him and write a note or something asking if he would talk? Seph doesn’t think that’ll jive but she’s willing to give it a go since we won’t get more info on the rose leaf until tomorrow anyway.


Back at the base they find a nondescript box waiting on the front stoop for them with the label merely reading ‘To: Me, From: Me’ yeah three guesses as to who left it and the first two don’t count. Rowan opts to open it and keeps the others back. Inside is, well.


It’s a dick in a box. Like, a surgically severed dick in a box. With the… whole deal going on.  




Rowan shoves it in the freezer for the time being. Seph asks what it is and like, what’s Boss gonna say? “It’s a penis. And the associated apparatus.”


So like, new plan. Everyone stays in the clinic tonight.


Persephone takes the couch since I’m at the hospital tonight and has dreams of the flying sheep and a tornado in a glass case. That sounds vague enough to be a clue of some kind so on the record it goes.  Rowan doesn’t really sleep.


Meanwhile at the hospital I’m not getting a whole lot of luck in the sleep department either. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the whole ‘day cycle’ bullshit thing no matter how long I’m gone from Arcadia though, so NBD. I’m up at the vending machine getting a soda when I see someone who is definitely NOT a doctor whistling and coming closer. He looks like some androgynous person dressed like they’re going to a renfair and I’m thinkin to myself ‘who’s this douchebag?’. Since it’s just the two of us in the hallway and I think I’m fucking perfectly within my rights to be paranoid as hell about my brother’s safety I venture a “Hey,” asking what the hell they were doing here as it was after visiting hours. Like sure I’m there but I got permission first and shit. Dude makes it pretty clear they got no idea how hospitals work, may as well have ‘FAIRY BULLSHIT’ on a marquee over their head for how subtle this is, specially when he says he’s looking for a particular young man.


Look, okay, I got no idea who this fucker is, but I do know my brother might have just pissed off a lot of important gentry. So I do what any good hermanita does. I pull out my gun, point it at this asshole and tell him to turn his ass right back around and get the fuck out, pronto. Course this fucker laughs, but before I can make it clear I’m very serious there’s a growling from behind me and I glance back to see the Opener of Ways there, ready to go all rabid jack russell terrier on this motherfucker. Seeing the tiny deer the fairy dude looks back at me and says like “Oh it’s YOU,” and I’m like “Yeah it’s ME, the sister,” except he clarifies that’s not what he meant. The ‘you’ he meant was the ‘little changeling that HE’S so concerned with’ and that this ‘HE’ is a meddler. Like, it’s Leo, obviously it’s Leo because he absolutely is a Meddler and I guess he left the tiny deer with me and all but he’s still one of the true fae and I’m not putting a whole lot of stock in that. They forget people, that’s what they do, and he’ll forget me too soon enough especially now that I’m out. That whole Peter Pan can’t go back to Neverland bullshit.


I still got my gun on him and tell him not to put too much stock into that, and again suggest that he get lost as quick as possible. He tries to say he just wanted to commend Diego on the havoc he caused, and I dunno who this asshole works for so I tell him it wasn’t intentional like maybe that’ll get Diego off the hook. Still, he seems pretty pleased as punch about it, but he finally high tails it out. Opener of Ways trots after him a bit to make sure he’s gone, still worked up somethin’ fierce. Opener of Ways tells me that was the Duke of Windswept Blossoms - not an agent of the gentry but one of them himself, and he’s surprised that the Duke appeared in his true form.


So, you know. Well shit.



APRIL 28th, 2015: TUESDAY


When the morning comes Persephone calls Rachael direct for an update. Dmitri’s still in his hazing, Zerxes is indeed a high ranking werewolf, no she has no fucking clue why he’d be interested in Persephone. So, super enlightening call all around. The hospital insists that we arrange a ride when they release Diego so I give the Boss a ring and they come get us. Opener of Ways is still pretty shaken about last night’s visitor and when I tell Diego about it (cuz he was asleep at the time) he admits that he does know the Duke as he was the last fae lord that … ‘rented’ him. Basically.


Don’t feel bad about pulling a gun on that son of a bitch at all.

We leave Diego at the clinic to recover a bit more while we go to the UW to meet up with the botany student that Rowan was put in contact with to get more answers about the leaf, we hope. While she’s fiddling with it, it starts getting really cold in the room, like really really fuckin’ cold. And like the whole weirdness sense or whatever I got is going haywire here. Messing with the leaf is causing something to happen, like a summoning or something. It’s bringing something here. I flag down the Boss to let them know, but Rowan encourages the botanist to keep going.


Botanist can’t figure out where this rose was grown, like it wasn’t grown in any soil at all. Rowan tries to get her to work her way to growing from a corpse on her own, and she does admit it’s a possibility. At least I think she did? Shit was getting real weird real quick so I was pretty distracted. She found a thread of black crap in the leaf, and a raven started cawing from just outside. Like the ones that hung out outside the clinic that one time. Most of this seems coming from the doorway so I just kinda… close that door. Bad news is it’s the only door in or out of the lab.


Rowan gets a sample of the black crap and pays the girl $50 for her help. While she’s messing with her phone Persephone takes a gamble and opens the door. It ain’t the courtyard of the University outside. Gray path with trees on either side, all dark and creepy and shit. I close the door a second time. That’s a whole lot of nope.


We’re trying to figure out what the fuck we do from here when all of a sudden we’re outside the room. All of us, even the botany student who Rowan tries to convince followed us out. We can see into the windows of the lab - it’s gotten all dark and shit inside, and there’s this fuck all seven foot tall robed skeleton thing looking back out at us. Fuck. No. We all flip the bird to express our feelings on the matter and I ask if Opener of Ways got us out. He did, and says that the thing in the window is one of Hades’ jackbooted thugs. We hightail it out of there when we hear the baying of dogs and crap. Nope. Nope.


This is apparently new territory of extreme action here - the true fae can’t come through in such full force or such pinpoint accuracy (Opener of Ways not included in this as it’s kind of what his whole Deal is). Rowan asks if this has something to do with the portals opened in the explosion but Opener of Ways doesn’t think that’s it.


While we’re going back to the clinic Persephone’s phone rings and it says it’s Joanna. So she answers it and surprise surprise it isn’t Joanna, it’s Orpheus. The next conversation is about 15 minutes straight of going in circles - Persephone wants to meet in person, Orpheus doesn’t, no she can’t convince him otherwise because he doesn’t believe she remembers him or is sincere about it. Rowan finally takes the phone and asks if Orpheus remembers them. He says he does, so Rowan asks this time if he will show himself. Orpheus says nah, because as he said before, he remembers Rowan.


What we get out of the convo is the following: He’s a unique creature. He’s never met another like himself before. He has to kill to live. He says if he has parents he doesn’t remember them. Jacob asks what his form in Arcadia was and after clear hesitation Orpheus says he was the roses in Persephone’s garden. Persephone found solace in the rose garden and so he loved her, and when she left he thought it was time to leave too. This isn’t his true form, he has to use it in order to communicate with her.


Eventually he gets frustrated by our questions and that we’re misunderstanding him I guess because we’re now thinking plant parasite of some kind, and he hangs up. Concerned about Joanna’s safety, it’s a second trip out to the house boat for us.


We find another body, no rose leaf but it looks like it’s dead the same way the others were. I definitely feel the touch of fae magic in the area. Persephone unlocks the houseboat door for Rowan and goes to look for Orpheus in the area. Rowan finds Joanna passed out but only due to liquor and not from actually being hurt, thank goodness, her phone on the ground next to her.


Joanna wakes up and slams Rowan into a wall when they get too close but hey, good to know she’s okay.


Rowan explains what happened, gets Joanna’s permission to dust for prints then goes through the phone to confirm that Persephone was the only call unaccounted for… along with finding out such entertaining things as Joanna’s ringtone for her boss is the imperial death march. Which I guess is like a Star Wars thing?


We report this body too then head back to Rowan’s lab to see if we can make sense of the black crap from the leaf. Turns out it’s basically a strange as fuck form of pure glamor, near as we can tell. Like junk glamor left over or something. No real chemical makeup for it at all.


So it looks like Orpheus is not a vampire at all. Like I thought. But rather than a chupacabra some kind of … weird… changeling that became something else. So Rowan calls the Spring Queen with her findings because this sounds like a goddamn Big Deal. I ask Opener of Ways if Changelings can just become other things, if that’s like a known thing, and he tells me that I should know better than most, but backs up and doesn’t answer as soon as I ask what the hell he’s talking about.


I don’t really like where that possibility is going, but I don’t have time to think about it with everything going on right now. I suggest that Persephone try to like write Orpheus a note asking if he could just go back to being roses so she could love him like she used to. Anything is worth it, right? We’re figuring out what to do when Persephone gets ANOTHER text, this time from Korey. She says there’s some creeper that’s been hanging out her house like all day and she’s getting pretty scared. Well, we clearly haven’t gotten in enough trouble yet but the day is still young.


We get there and Persephone goes in first, pretending she doesn’t see the car to knock on Korey’s door and get invited in. As soon as the door closes the guy who looks like some off-brand action hero gets out of the car to approach the house and he’s going for SOMETHING in his coat and like I could be fucking wrong but smart money is he’s not going to ask if they’ve heard the good word of the book of Mormon here.  Rowan tries to be subtle and ask if he is familiar with the area and that we’re looking for a place but he tells her to fuck off so it’s time for Ava’s turn. I pull out my gun first and yell at him to drop it (it being his gun which he clearly has) and back the ever loving fuck off. He tries to tell me that this is none of my business and I’m like my dude that’s my friend in here damn right this is my fucking business. He got a problem with her he got a problem with me.


THAT gets his attention. We scuffle and I get a few shots in while Rowan keeps him in place, but he’s clearly got some armor on. Which is probably helpful since Jacob flips his shit, steals the guy’s knife, and starts trying to stab him. Not sure what the kid would do if he succeeded. In the house, Persephone asks if Korey trusts her, opens a portal to the hedge and makes through it to get to the Hollow.


After a couple shots like - look I really would rather not kill this guy okay. He’s just some thug. We demand to know who sent him and find out that he was hired by Zerxes to look after his daughter (crap) and he was going in with the gun to go after “the doppelganger” (double crap).  After some more interrogation we get that he knows approximately jack and shit about supernatural bullshit, so Rowan does the only sensible thing and drops the mask thing so he can see them for what they really are.


So he freaks the fuck out, gets in his car, and drives the fuck off. Not getting paid enough for this, that’s for sure.


We get back to the clinic around the same time Persephone and Korey get to the Hollow. Jacob has a small meltdown so I got the kid a blanket and we tell Persephone and Korey what we learned. Right after that Zerxes calls Persephone again. He says he’s been watching over his daughter her whole life to keep her safe and he doesn’t know what her deal is but she’s some kind of double. Persephone asks what he knows about the fae, explains that he didn’t do such a great job watching over her because she was kidnapped by them and a fetch was left behind and that’s who he’s been watching, calling Korey the doppelganger. Soooo now Korey’s on the hit list instead of Persephone.




He says he won’t tolerate two of her and he’ll protect her to the best of his abilities. Hangs the hell up then.


Yeah, Korey was in the room for that.


She does not exactly take it well that Persephone just called her a doppelganger which I can’t really blame her for. For the time being we figure maybe it’ll be best if Korey stays at the clinic too - she can’t exactly stay there indefinitely, she has classes, so we’re gonna try to figure out so only her or Persephone is out and about at once and make sure Korey has someone with her when she’s out. Guess I’m the best choice to accompany her to her classes since the only other one of us that looks college-aged is Persephone herself and that’s the opposite of what we wanna do. Just until we can get this mess sorted.


This’ll be fucking fun.



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