Session Six Quotes

"I still have half a sandwich."




- Austin and Ariel


"There's only two numbers in his phone: That weird vet's office and that little dipshit."

- NPC Mindy to Ava


"Do no worry."

- Dmitri and Seph


"Orpheus is not my boyfriend!"

"Is he your side bitch?"

- Joanna and Seph 


"Btw, throw the flowers away."

"I'm putting them in your room."

- Seph and Joanna


"You don't want to accidentally stab someone who's just trying to have a party."

- Kelsey


"Is there a Fetch of you?"

"Yeah, she pulled a gun on me."

- Diego and Ava


"He may have a proboscis. I'm sorry he wants to proboscis you."

- Rowan to a horrified Seph


"Farewell Opener of Ways."

"*tips hat* M'lady."

- The Duke and Austin


"Do not like penises being delivered. 0 out of 10."

- Rowan


"The tiny deer will fight you."

- Dawn


"If he needs a penis, I have a spare."

- Rowan about Orpheus


"That's my fuck toy."

- Joanna to Rowan going through call history.


"This is the ring tone for my boss. *plays the Imperial March*"

- Joanna for her boss's number in phone


"Don't forget you have Ways."

"Yea but she's just gonna shoot him."

- Ariel and Kelsey on dude looking to kill Seph/Korey?