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Page history last edited by bucketmouse 4 years, 8 months ago

“I’m sure there are areas where it’s dark and steamy.” - Austin


“Just because it’s fancy doesn’t mean it’s not depressive!” - Austin


Meridian: “She’ll just find some alternate method to piss them off.”

Diego and Ava: “True.”


Meridian: “I don’t think you can do shots of Power.”

Jeremy: “Challenge accepted.”


Ava: “Are you getting the tiny forest creature drunk?”

Meridian: “Can you think of a good reason not to?”


“Well the fundie werewolves can take it into the forest and pee on it…” - Dmitri


“She’s worn me down. We’re going to make cosmos and stir it with the staff to see if she can drink power.” - Meridian


Meridian: “Don’t give this to Diego.”

Austin: “No shit, Sherlock.”


“Nice. I can use this to slice bread.” - Meridian re: TURNING SOMETHING INTO A SCYTHE.


Meridian: “Twelve year old evil S&M, this I have to take pictures of.”

Jeremy: “Well it’s a sort of giant Masters of the Universe chest harness…”

Meridian: “GREAT. I LOVE IT.”


Jacob: “Did we find a sword configuration?”

Meridian: “What do you think I used to make sandwiches??”


Cort: “Just kill him. The best way to deal with side plots is death.”


Austin: “Meridian is the most responsible person here.”



Jacob: “... What is sex?”

Meridian: “So I’m going to take this rod…”


Jeremy: “You’re not compelled, you just feel a desire.”

Cort: “If you knew what sex was you’d understand this feeling.”


Cort: “Lesbian Rose Erotica… that’s a narrow field, there’s like one website for that.”

Austin: “There’s a website for that?”

Cort: “Rule 34.”


Austin: “I’m an impressionable young boy left with a bad role model.”

Cort: “I’m honored.”


Jeremy: “Are you going to wrestle with the little kid?”



Jeremy: “Cages where emaciated arms reach towards you-”

Meridian: /finger wags “Haha. Cashmere. No.”


Cort: “Remember that episode where they went into the underworld and it was basically a disney attraction?”


Jeremy: “Yes. Exactly. They’re tiny dieselpunk spiders.”


Diego: “Good luck with that Jacob- WAIT THEY CHANGED THE MARSHMALLOWS?”


Meridian: “You can hang out in the garage with me. Which is not as pedoriffic as it sounds.”


Austin: “Jacob just threw the gnome through the window.”


Meridian: “She said she wouldn’t put any homeless people in my closet, that base is covered.”


Austin: “Jacob’s going to throw the life vest and the burlap sack off and go for a swim.”

Jeremy: “It’s really co- … oh…”


Cort: “No one likes old seamen.”

Jeremy: “Because it’s all crusty.”


Jeremy: “Like a hurricane.”

Cort: “Like a mannicane”

Jeremy: “Is that like a sharknado?”

Cort: “With penises.”


Mi-ok: “I’ll be right back I need some … cream in my coffee.”

Ava: “You are not putting Bailey’s in your coffee right now, you are dealing with this!”

Mi-Ok: “... I was not going for the Bailey’s I was going for the vodka…”


Jeremy: “He goes away satisfied yet confused.”

Cort: “As he should.”


Cort: “Lawn gnomes are either immoral or travel in packs.”



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