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Session 1 Quotes

Page history last edited by Ariel Alian 5 years ago



"I'll show Cort my deck."

"Deck, not dick."

- Dawn and Nathan


"We're all basically the five stages of grief."
"It's really creepy how well that works."

- Ariel and Cort


"The local Starbucks."

"Which one?"

"We all go to a different Starbucks."

- Dave, Ariel, Nathan


"What sort of penetration do you prefer?"



"I just heal."

"Like a dog?"

-Austin and Cort


"Why do we have bullet proof hookers?!"

- NPC Changeling





"Things appear to be going poorly, can you summon your warrior ghost whores again?"

- Meridan


"This went... not as planned."

"It went fine!"

-Meridan, then Seph and Rowan at the same time


"Did you give me something acceptable, or am I still in rags?"
"Rags suit you."

-Austin, Cort/Meridan


"We've spent just as much time looking up rules as we have role-playing."

"Well, if you all stopped arguing with me, we wouldn't."

-Cort and Nathan


"Stabbed a werewolf in Reno, just to watch him heal."



"I don't speak Vietnamese, I have to fake it."



"Attention Deficient Hipster Disorder."



"Pandimensional Tardis Hellraiser Box."



"I hear you have skills I may find useful."

"My flexibility has been greatly exaggerated."

-Meridian talking to Annie


"Bones you come with me, you can summon your combat hookers."



"*everything Cort says, in or out of character*"





Comments (2)

bucketmouse said

at 7:08 pm on May 21, 2016

Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying this wedding but I'm also very sad I missed out.

Ariel Alian said

at 8:37 pm on May 21, 2016

Hopefully you'll make it to the next session!

And Seph will have to fill Ava in on some fights she got into this session. They were great, but also terrible. Terribly great.

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