Quotes - 4/16/2016


Jeremy - "Our interests are aligned."

Cort - "I'm aligning them for you as we talk!"


Cort - "Do you fart rainbows?"

Austin - "Yes, but they are sad rainbows."


Dave - "Dimitri, the least competent werewolf ever."


Cort - "How do you get banned from Portland?"


Dave - "You keep moving my corkboard."

Cort - "Important things need to go there, your shit can go on the floor."


Ariel - "Should I read it aloud or do you want to enjoy your cannibalism in private?"


Cort - "Hope works well for your law career."


Jeremy - "Who cooks?"

Cort - "The werewolf cooks?"

Austin - "He's a better human than werewolf."


Cort - "We are not passing the crown on Formica."


Ava - "Jokes on you, I sucked at this before I was drunk."


Jeremy - "He will be -2 to act."

Cort - "Assuming he isn't run over by a sad unicorn first."


Dave - "The militant application of medicine."


Ariel - "We can't die, this is the tutorial."


Dmitri - "This isn't some kind of weird sympathetic magic, is it?"

Meridian - "I don't even know what that is. It's for art, dear."


Cort - "This is art dear, it's far more important."


Ariel - "This kitten has seen some shit."