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Evergreen Freehold

Though they tend to think of themselves managing the changelings of Western Washington, in practice the Evergreen Freehold mostly only manages to cover King and Snohomish Counties. Beyond that are vast swathes of small towns in the deep woods, with untold terrors lurking within. 


Fraternal Order of Crows


This two-story brick building in old Ballard is allegedly owned by a fraternal organization that doesn't seem to recruit at all. The first floor has meeting space that can be rented out, while the second floor is used by the freehold as a commons for local Lost. It includes small clusters of seating for informal meetings. This furniture is usually pushed back for larger assemblies of the freehold. In the back is a bunkroom for short-term lodging. 


The Clinic Closet

Through a door marked "Storage" in the back of Rowan's veterinary closet is a small Hollow. Jacob lives there full time, but the others in the motley can access it when they need to. With the combined efforts of various members of our motley, thus far the Hollow has become a rather secure, fairly good sized and comfortable safe abode.


Court Holdings

Spring Court: Equinox Spa, Beacon Hill

Summer Court: The Armory, Seattle Center

Autumn Court: The Alibi Room, Pioneer Square

Winter Court: Underground Seattle (the unused portions), Downtown Seattle


Other Nearby Freeholds


Gastown Freehold: Vancouver, BC

Columbia Freehold: Portland, OR

Lilac Freehold: Spokane, WA


Other Supernaturals

Compared to some place like New York or Los Angeles, the greater Seattle area isn't that big. It has a notably large changeling population compared to other cities, with tales of things from other worlds coming to prey upon mortals long before Europeans showed up at Alki Beach. But it's 



They are most commonly spotted prowling the bars in Belltown, Pioneer Square and Broadway. There they prey upon the drunk revelers. There are maybe a dozen or so vampires that are regulars and known to the Freehold. The leader of the Vampires, according to Liz, is called the Night Mayor.



Though there are stories of them stalking through the wilderness and smaller towns, there don't appear to be many in Seattle proper. Persephone's boyfriend is one of six members of the Sea Dog Pack that lives on a houseboat on Lake Union.. There is also a Church of the Silver Cross in Issaquah which has an unknown number of werewolves opposed to Dmitri and the Sea Dog Pack.



There's a wide range of magic-wielding mortals of varying types and power levels, from people dabbling occultists to scary people who can bend reality. The lower-powered and the much higher volume of posers are clustered in the "White Light District" near 65th and Roosevelt, mostly magicking money out of New Age hipsters. The more powerful sorts are seen less often and their headquarters are not known. Some, however, seem to have a hard-on for Arcadia and have an interest in the Lost. There at least a couple mages known to the Freehold that are sniffing around for information about the fae. 




The Homeland Security office in Seatac has at least a few entities that are allegedly angels serving a "God Machine." 




Panya Jefferson is said to be an immortal entity from the Nile region. She is served by AER (Advanced Engineering and Research), an international consulting firm. There are no other known mummies permanently residing in the area. 



Though they don't exactly have a community, any place can end up haunted, the most haunted part of Seattle is around Pioneer Square and the waterfront. This tends to attract a weird assortment of supernaturals that interact with the dead. This includes a few mages, one vampire, one werewolf (from the Lake Union group), and maybe a dozen mediums of some sort.




Upcoming Events

March 20, 2015: Vernal Equinox, New Moon

March 22, 2015: Begin Crescent Moon

March 26, 2015: Begin Half Moon

March 29, 2015:: Begin Gibbous Moon

May 2, 2015: Begin Full Moon

June 21, 2015: Summer Solstice

September 23, 2015: Autumnal Equinox

December 22, 2015: Winter Solstice


Past Events

  • ~3800 BCE: Panya is born.
  • ~300 BCE: A mummy, possibly Panya, goes to China during the Warring States period. She encounters a "yaoguai" that may have been a True Fae. They fight, and many changelings die after exposure to her power.
  • 1593: Agents of Kambatet and the Black Queen of the Ash Court search London for the Plague Box. Accidental destruction of the box turns a changeling into an undying plague factory. 
  • 1935: Clarence Johnson is born.
  • October 30, 1938: "Dimensional incurasion" at Grover Mills, NJ. Agents of Nesu are on hand. One is burnt by the occult energies and turns into a murderous ball of worms. News reports are covered up as simply being a radio play.
  • July 8, 1947: Roswell Incident. Clarence is taken by the White Queen.
  • 1964: First suspected murder by the fetch of Clarence. 
  • December 3, 1971: Ava Moreno Reyes is born.
  • 1983: Ava and Diego are taken.
  • 1989: Rowan is taken
  • 1991: Mi-Ok serves in Desert Storm
  • 1992: Mi-Ok's daughter is born? Jeff Barker is born.
  • 1993 Mi-Ok is taken. 
  • 1993 Persephone is born.
  • 2010 Jeff Barker is taken.
  • 2013 Persephone is taken by Hades. Mi-Ok escapes Arcadia.
  • December 3, 2013 Bertha is broken after running into the Box of the Judges. 
  • 2014 Rowan and Persephone escape Arcadia.
  • 2015 Ava and Jacob escape Arcadia.
  • January 30, 2015: Rescue pit to Bertha is completed. Workers discover the Box of Judges, which is immediately confiscated by Homeland Security. Panya awakens.


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